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söndag 4 april 2010

Labor day saints - Self titled (2006

01. Intro
02. Burn
03. Were not to blame
04. Dead end
05. One blood
06. Who i am
07. N. union
08. Again
09. The grind
10. One year ago
11. Tried & true
12. If i should fall from the grace of god (The pogues cover)
Selfreleased by the band in 2006.

After leaving Road to ruin James Peirce and Ed Reiss started this band together with Drew Manlove and Tony Russo. This is a band that shouldnt really be on this site and me reviewing it is far from fair for the band since this sort of music is like a muslim stoning for my ears. They draw influences from Dropkick murphys and Social distortion (the worst influence a band could get) but to be honest i cant see no difference between this band and Green day (other then the fact that Green day has actually created some really good songs through the years). This is the only release by the band and straight after the release both Tony and Ed left the band (Ed would go on to play drums in the much better The barons).
This was one of the most painfull reviews i had to do since i reviewed The allegiance last year. I wont go into the details on what track is the worst, the butchering of old Irish classics or about the painfull attempts at sounding like Roger Mirret on some tracks. If your really going to download this album then atleast give Tried & true a chance since its the only good poppunk track of the bunch.

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