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tisdag 20 april 2010

Broken heroes - Jump for Oi! 7'' (1993)

01. Jump for Oi!
02. No friend o' mine
03. Labour party
04. Police brutality

Released by Headache records in 1993.

This band is one of the most longlived and also one of the most overlooked bands in the American scene. Sure they get alot of respect on the streetlevel and they still have an active career doing liveshows but for some reason recordcompanys seem to think its better to give a bunch of upandcomming retards like Razors in the night a shot at a record deal. This band has had tons of songs ready and waiting for the last 3 years but no record company seems to be interested in it (i have heard the unmastered stuff and believe me its all top songs). Is it just me and my taste in music or has todays new "punk"labels lost their ear to the scene? Seing recordlabels release another Bluecollar criminals record after another when they should be down in Jersey sucking Pete Joergers dick (AND being grateful for the opportunity).
With that of my chest maybe its time for a band introduction?

Started in New Jersey back in 1992 with Kevin Meehan on vocals, Tim Miller (would later go on to play in Blanks 77) on lead guitar and Regis on additional guitar, Chip McMahon on bass and Shawn on drums. It only took them a year before they got their first deal on Wretched ones label Headache records (i guess things where easier back then). This deal resulted in two 7''s and this one is the first of those.
Real Oi! at its most pure and simplest form. This first album has a very happy feeling to it and reminds me alot of Patriot with singalong choruses and all that.
The best track on the album is No friend o' mine and is also the most "happy" one even if the lyrics is about devoting the rest of your life loathing mainstream people. Another great track is
Labour party that talks about the power in unity outside political partys an groups. Weakest on the album is Police brutality and if it wasnt for the god chorus it would have been impossible to even listen from beginning to end (Kevin is mumbling the lyrics as if he was doped up on smack or something).

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