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torsdag 22 april 2010

Broken heroes & Toughskins - Split 7'' (2004)

01. Broken heroes - Smashing hippies
02. Broken heroes - Held back
03. Toughskins - Pay back
04. Toughskins - Never did anything right

Released by Headache records in 2004.

A post 9/11 record with aggressive lyrics and i am quite surpised Headache records released this record (they where never PC but they often stayed away from anything to extreme).

Broken heroes serves two absolutely great tracks and with their new singer Mike Fintzy they sound harder then ever. First song is one of my favourite tracks by the band and has some classic New York Oi! lyrics about flaggburners and hippiestomping. Second track is filled with the same brutal style but has a bit more laidback subject about growing up as a workingclass son and becoming a working man (haha cliché i know but its a damn good song).

Toughskins is a band that i deffinetly will upload and review later on. Start out the record with a payback anthem after the terrorist attack called Pay Back. It has a great rock 'n' roll feeling and i love the concept of an anti-terrorist song but they loose me when they mix in lyrics against arab imigrants with lyrics like "I know you dream of the day you come here/Own some seven eleven but you smell fucking wierd/Screw your fucked up country oil is the only thing good". I have seen photos of many lineups of Toughskins and believe me most of their members look far from the original blonde european settlers that founded the nation. Anyway a great song and its folowed by Never did anything right that is more of a classic rock track. First time i ever heard them play this kind of music and it actually sounds perfect for Adrians vocals.

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