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söndag 31 juli 2011

torsdag 28 juli 2011

45 adapters - Not one more day 7'' (2009)

01. Not one more day
02. The bridge store
03. Metropolitans
04. Overtime

Released by Longshot Music in 2009.

This is as far as i will upload with the band for the time since their other releases are a bit to new to be given away for free by this dirty conniving Swede.

All songs featured on this release where on their earlier demo recordings but this time they have been mastered and perfected. Thats just my problem (the only problem with this great release), songs like Overtime looses a lot of power in this version. On the other hand the song Metropolitans is slightly better in this new version so dont listen to anything i just wrote....
Top album that is almost sold out so be sure to pick it it up while you can.
Pick up the real thing from these online distro's:
Dirty Mick Records

måndag 25 juli 2011

45 adapters - Early demo and practice songs

01. Tiny bites
02. Overtime
03. Paved
04. One more day
05. Ey you
06. Third time aint the charm
07. Dont trust anyone who doesnt dance
08. Metropolitans
09. The bridge store
10. Who are we kidding

Great NY band that had me hooked since the first time i heard them. One thing i love it is the reinvention of Oi! when it is done good. Mixing R'n'B with oldschool garagerock and Oi! sounds just as good in reality as it does on paper.
Started as a oneman project by Gerrard from Bottom of the barrel under the name of Pickabar many of the songs where created but never released. At the reggae evenings called SPQR he used to do with Phil from Templars (who actually played drums in 45A as a standin for a while) he meet up with old and new friends with the same dream about money, groupies and fast airplanes that the Oi! scene is is known to give you.
The original lineup of the band was Gerrard aka Pickabar on vocals and guitar, Craig on bass (original member of The traditionals), Dave on guitar (original member of Fatskins) and Julio on drums (was later replaced by Pat).
Recording a whole lot of Pickabar's stuff and some new songs in 2008 they had enough songs for their first EP release in 2009 and another one in 2010 (both released through Longshot Music).
The band is still highly active and released a split with Stomper 98 a few weeks ago. Lets hope to see a full-length LP sometime soon.

Distancing themselfs from the gangster attitudes and hardcore influences that has plagued the US scene since day one they have already set themselfs apart in my eyes. But it is when you hear them playing you really notice the evolution.
Some people will probably spit on the computerscreen when they hear me writing about this band and Oi! in the same sentence but i honestly feel that this is the right direction for it to go. Many bands like Brassic, No resistance, Templars and Wellington arms has understood the same thing. Punk needs it's 77ish r'n'r roots back. This band has nothing incommon with those bands but what i am getting at is the fact that they do their own thing (and sound damn good while doing it).

Most of the songs where sent to me by a member of the band back in 2008 and the rest have been downloaded from their old Reverb Nation site. This same member that i talked a bit to over various sites was supposed to send me their first EP in 2009 but when i revealed my plans about doing this site where i would upload anything related to the US skinhead scene (not new stuff offcourse) he never sent me that record and even stopped answering my messages...... i might have cried a bit but since i am a humble character i know that i should never judge a band by the actions of a member and people have the right to NOT act friendly. I know i ignore a lot of messages sent because of this site, not because i dont like the person sending them, mostly because i just dont have the energy to keep up makebelief friendships with people on the other side of the world. Forgotten and forgiven (but whyyyy??).

First thing noticed when listening to their lyrics is the lack of skinhead clichés. Here we see songs about slacking off, dancing and baseball instead of the usual lyrics about workeatsleeprepeat, fighting and football.
Being practice and demo songs these are all of extremly high quality and most of them have never been re-recorded or released to this date. To be honest most of these songs are actually better than they are on the EP's (take Overtime for instance).
The best song of them all is Who are we kidding, a song about growing up and having love lost. Damn strange that the song hasnt been featured on any of the EP's.

söndag 24 juli 2011

Bottom of the barrel & Templars - Oink! skinzine 7'' (1997)

01. Templars - War heroes
02. Bottom of the barrel - We won't forget

Released as a free EP with the 4th issue of the Oink! Skinzine in 1997.

This is probably as good as it can get.

Templars has the A-side and delivers a great version of (to me) one of their best song ever. This band has always impressed me and even if it is so unlike most other US Oi! it sort of personifies the 90's sound. I get a lot of mails about adding this band (and YDL) and i will do it soon. Both bands have released so many records and has a huge history so it's not really something i can do while having 2 hours free on a sunday. Be patient.

Bottom of the barrel also delivers even if it's nowhere near as good as the A-side. Their song has sort of the same theme as War heroes about sacrifice and rememberance. A great themed EP that speaks to me with it's non blind patriotism. A healthy waving of the flag without any sight of other banners anywhere nearby.

Bottom of the barrel - A couple of songs

01. We'll win the fight
02. Bottom of the barrel
03. Kids today
04. Punks not grunge

A classic NY band and another one of those that never really got the recognition they deserved. A band consisting of various loose ends and drinkingpartners from the backstreets of the Long island area.
They where around in the mid 90's and even if they only had one proper release (a split with Templars) they still made their mark.
The band had loose members but their singer stuck it out from the begining to the end, namely Gerrard who now sings in 45 adapters. Other members of fame was Kevin Geddes who later played in Oxblood (and met his demise last year), the Swede J.H who played bass in Agent Bulldogg also picked up the bass for this band at a couple of shows.

These songs never had a proper release (track 2 was on a Helen of Oi! comp though) but they are all of the highest quality and the first song We'll win the fight is up there on my top-20 favourite US Oi! songs (gotta love those drums). With a skilled vocalist like Gerrard i have a hard time seing how this band never made it bigger than they did.
Top songs. Top top band.

onsdag 20 juli 2011

The boozers - Have another beer with... MCD (2008)

01. Bullet
02. Johnny Crime
03. The pusher
04. Have another beer with the boozers
05. Wich side are you on?

Released by Neck Records in 2008.

Thanks to Kurt Beers for sending me this one over a year ago (takes some time for me to actually get my thumb out my ass and promote certain bands).

A 5-piece from Tampa/Florida playing what they call Rock'n'Oi!. The band was started in 2008 by members from The barons, Road to ruin, Magadog (some local SKA band) and The fighting malones.

Its a very mellow sound to say the least and not really my thing. On the 4th track though they sort of deliver and remind me whole lot about the attitude that The barons deliver in their songs. Other than that song and Wich side are you on its easily forgetable.
(By the way who makes the songtitles for this band? Both Misfits and Dropkick Murphy's on the same 5 track cd... come on.)

tisdag 19 juli 2011

The Federalists - Collection of songs (2005-2008)

01. Right now!
02. The birth of the nation
03. Drug war
04. Homeland insecurity
05. Hey grunt!
06. Politics today
07. 29! Lets go!
08. I wanna smoke
09. Come and take them...
10. Don't call me comrade
11. I thought this was the USA
12. A call to arms

Thanks to Travis Condor from American Defence for sending me the songs i was missing by this band.

If the Marlboro man would have made political songs to support Ron Paul in his 2008 campaign this is probably what it would have sounded like.
A couple of "good ol' boys" from Baltimore that dissapeared as quickly as they appeared on the scene (where did you lock them up Obama???). To my knowledge this band never did any shows and they never released a single record. They formed in 2005 recorded a few songs during their 3 year lifespan and then dissapeared.
I have no idea who the members where and the first time i heard about them was when some Russian guy sent me 5 songs in 2007 (sorry for not remembering who you are).

Anyway as you probably can decypher from the band name and the songtitles this is a band as red, white and blue as they get with the constitution and patriotic codes of conduct as their guidelines.
They wanna smoke wherever they fucking feel like it, they wont give away their guns to anyone and they sure as hell dont trust the gouvernment/new world order and their taskforces.

Their sound is heavily influenced by both Templars and the solostuff that Ian Stuart did and it's not hard to draw lines to the music that Carl Klang does.

As good as i think this is i actually liked them better when i only had 5 songs with them. Their sound is a bit generic and most songs sound the same. Best songs are Homeland insecurity (where the Ian influences become quite clear), the counter revolutionary track Dont call me comrade and the superb bluesy rocksong I thought this was the USA.

söndag 17 juli 2011

Lousy break - Selftitled 7'' (2005)

01. No reason
02. Crappily ever after
03. I like cat (in my Chinese food)
04. NJ state song

Released by Headache Records in 2005.

Damn thats a brick!! The EP is as thick as 3 ep's glued together.
This time around they seem to be a bit more focused or a bit more Bernando friendly cause i really like this one (atleast the A-side). Best one in the bunch is Crappily ever after with a sound that reminds me a bit about The loose skrews. The B-side is a bit more chaotic though and not really my cup of piss. The third track skips a bit but dont be sending me no mails about re-ripping it for you. The song isnt worth it.
The EP is sold out from everywhere except Interpunk.

Lousy break - Dont wait for the next time CD (2003)

01. Devil on both shoulders/Bullet ina head
02. KK snare
03. Dubious equity
04. Coat hanger baby
05. Before the world goes off (Listen to the song here)
06. Pedestra
07. Not good enough
08. Up yer ass
09. Garage band
10. Toss the salad
11. Goddamn memories
12. Clean it
13. Human waste
14. Muddafuggin' money
15. Beat up
16. Old people should not be allowed to drive
17. Zero chance
18. AP dream
19. Undefeated
20. Fuck the French

Released by Headache Records in 2003 and was re-released in 2010 (dont know what label though).

Classic "in your face punkband" from New Jersey. The band was started around 2000 by Watson on guitar and vocals, Lousy pete on bass and backup vocals and Sean Savage on drums.
The band always had a finger in the eye of the rest of the scene and played anti-pc and humoristic punk/hardcore somewhat simulair to Limecell and The burnt.
They released this 20+ CD that was an instant underground classic and followed it up with a 4-track EP in 2005. That one was their last release as a band though they keept doing liveshows and in 2007 they changed their drummer to Tom Wood (used to play in Convict orange) but after that i havnt heard anything from the band so my guess is they are no more active.

On this CD they deliver 20 (22 if you count all the hidden ones) but since hiphop artists started releasing double cd's with 70+ tracks i think the "more is good" expression died out. Lousy break could easily have shortened down the album to a solid 10 track album and actually gotten a better grade from me.
Most songs are just to damn unpollished and noizy for me and superb songs like Dubious equity and Before the world goes off gets lost in lesser songs. As little as i like humouristic punksongs (punk christmas songs anyone!!) i have to admit that my prisongrin dissapeared for a while when i heard their blingbling song Muddafuggin' money with Lousy Pete getting his 1:25 minutes of fame on the mic and the last song called Fuck the french.
Some will probably consider this to be the album of the decade but they are not me.
The record can be bought at:
Headache records

fredag 15 juli 2011

Wax and violence #3

Just browsed my way through the last issue of the superb recordcollecting paperzine Wax & Violence latest issue and noticed that i really was falling behind on my EP collection.
I have updated my wanted/wishlist at the bottom on my site with a heapload of records i am willing to buy for a reasonable price or trade (though my European Oi! collection is running thin after 3 years of trading for US Oi!). If you have any of the records in mp3 it would be nice with a contribution to the site (giving is better than recieving right).

The new additions to my wishlist is EP's and demos by the bands The boils, Chelloveck 4, Deacons, Krabs, Degeneration, First offence, The residuals and basicly anything with the band The Bulshaveks.

Gimme gimme gimme

Fierce intentions - First punch thrown 7'' (2000)

01. I dont care
02. Despise
03. Knock you down
04. One of us

Released by RSN Records in 2000.

When two local Massachusetts bands by the names of Beasts of America and Dirty girl scouts broke up some members decided to create this band. The band was started in 1999 by Ryan on vocals, AJ on guitar, Christine on bass and Tim on drums. This was the bands only release and to be honest i havnt got a clue what happened to the members after 2000.

This is a garagy and trashy Oi! with downbeat elements and lands somehwere inbetween Infiltrators and Moloko men though it lacks the tempo and skills of those bands.
I dont care and Knock you down are ok tracks but there is just to many good bands out there playing simulair songs and doing it a hell of a lot better.
Its not good but at the same time not awefull. Well worth downloading.

söndag 10 juli 2011

Video for Street soldier by Venganza tatuada

Homemade trubutevideo to Batallon 49 by Venganza tatuada

Venganza tatuada - Werewolves of the night DEMO (2011)

01. Skinhead
02. Street soldier
03. Venganza tatuada
04. Werewolves of the night

(Update 21 July: Rich is not a member but a friend of the band.)

A new Oi!/RAC band with members from New Jersey and New York with close ties to the band Combate 49 and just like that group they belong to the Batallon 49 crew and and also Tercera Fuerza (a crew that eats babies and stabbs old ladies if you believe everything AFA writes on their site). All members hide their face on the bandphotos but i could atleast depict Rich the singer from First strike as one of the members (though he is not on vocals in this band).

Unlike their brotherband Combate 49 they have a somewhat more polished and professional sound and my guess is these guys have a lot more experience just like Rich.

As much as i have a hard time comming to terms with this whole gangculture punk with gangsigns and weapons being displayed in bandphotos i quite like this band. Especially the brutal track Werewolves of the night that really reminds me about how First strike sounded on their full-length.
As far as the lyrics go i cant really comment since more than 50% of it is in spanish but from what i understand they are violent as hell and dont really like people on the leftwing.
A damn good band that i look forward to hearing more of (or Rich could focus on releasing a new First strike album).