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tisdag 5 juli 2011

Fighting 84 - Demo (2010)

01. On parade
02. Fuck the reds
03. Love handles

A young band from California playing a modern approach to classic non-racial RAC. Only being a bystander and not involved in the westcoast scene it is quite obvious even for me that the SoCal needs every non-leftwinged punkband they can get. The SoCal scene has some really good bands but the stuff i have heard about their scene is far from good (people being beaten up and bands being blacklisted cause they dont conform to the rest of the peoples views). This can have something to do with the really violent White Power gangs that used to frequent the areas back in the days but secluding people and incorporating leftwing facism to a scene and then at the same time make songs about unity just doesnt sitt well with me.
Taking a stand...sure. But take a stand for youself and dont group together against smaller groups like you do today. Hiding among friends and fighting in groups is a cowards move.

Anyway witht hat off my chest (sorry for yet another crusade).
The band consists of Brandon on guitar and vocals, Bridget on bass, Jeff on drums and Joseph on eh.... drunken slamdancing and backup vocals or something like that.
If you ever have heard the expression "A diamond in the rough" it speaks well for this demo. I really liked it when a bandmemmber sent it in last year and when i heard that they where releasing a split record with their fellow RAC and latino brothers in NJ band Combate 49 i was really psyched. The end result of that release was far from good though and i really wish they could have kept the songs un-edited and in this raw state.

Both On parade and Fuck the reds are militant anti-pc, anti-trad and anti-communist and my guess is with the current SoCal scene both these songs point a whole lot of fingers at certain persons unknown for us not involved.
Sure the drummer skips a beat here and there and Brandon sounds a bit off at some parts but with a song with lyrics such as "They talk about the days of 69/Dont give a fuck about our present time/Red laces, red braces, political correctness/They say they're skinheads but they're just dirty reds" i cant do nothing but like this strange little band.

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