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söndag 24 juli 2011

Bottom of the barrel - A couple of songs

01. We'll win the fight
02. Bottom of the barrel
03. Kids today
04. Punks not grunge

A classic NY band and another one of those that never really got the recognition they deserved. A band consisting of various loose ends and drinkingpartners from the backstreets of the Long island area.
They where around in the mid 90's and even if they only had one proper release (a split with Templars) they still made their mark.
The band had loose members but their singer stuck it out from the begining to the end, namely Gerrard who now sings in 45 adapters. Other members of fame was Kevin Geddes who later played in Oxblood (and met his demise last year), the Swede J.H who played bass in Agent Bulldogg also picked up the bass for this band at a couple of shows.

These songs never had a proper release (track 2 was on a Helen of Oi! comp though) but they are all of the highest quality and the first song We'll win the fight is up there on my top-20 favourite US Oi! songs (gotta love those drums). With a skilled vocalist like Gerrard i have a hard time seing how this band never made it bigger than they did.
Top songs. Top top band.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thomas Bulldogg24 juli 2011 22:24

    I'll write this in English although I'm Swedish. As you said Jarl used to play bass for us roughly between 91-95, but I actually had no idea he'd played with BOTB even though I still see him from time to time.

    Keep up the good work with the blog btw. Although I don't like everything you're posting, it's good to see the effort you're putting in to promote and spread music you like and you think deserves being heard, both here an Down Underground. As I said - keep it up!

  2. Har ingen aning om hur seriös hans roll i bandet var men vet att han spelade med dom live vid några tillfällen. Hör med honom nästa gång ni ses så kan jag rätta eventuell felinformation.

    Jag laddar upp ALL musik som är relevant och kan erkänna att inte heller jag gillar allt jag laddar upp men det har fortfarande relevans nog att höra hemma på sidan.

    Tack för en av Sveriges bästa röster både skiva/live och en helvetes massa bra musik. Förhoppningsvis en massa bra ny musik de kommande åren med(fan på tiden nu).