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måndag 25 juli 2011

45 adapters - Early demo and practice songs

01. Tiny bites
02. Overtime
03. Paved
04. One more day
05. Ey you
06. Third time aint the charm
07. Dont trust anyone who doesnt dance
08. Metropolitans
09. The bridge store
10. Who are we kidding

Great NY band that had me hooked since the first time i heard them. One thing i love it is the reinvention of Oi! when it is done good. Mixing R'n'B with oldschool garagerock and Oi! sounds just as good in reality as it does on paper.
Started as a oneman project by Gerrard from Bottom of the barrel under the name of Pickabar many of the songs where created but never released. At the reggae evenings called SPQR he used to do with Phil from Templars (who actually played drums in 45A as a standin for a while) he meet up with old and new friends with the same dream about money, groupies and fast airplanes that the Oi! scene is is known to give you.
The original lineup of the band was Gerrard aka Pickabar on vocals and guitar, Craig on bass (original member of The traditionals), Dave on guitar (original member of Fatskins) and Julio on drums (was later replaced by Pat).
Recording a whole lot of Pickabar's stuff and some new songs in 2008 they had enough songs for their first EP release in 2009 and another one in 2010 (both released through Longshot Music).
The band is still highly active and released a split with Stomper 98 a few weeks ago. Lets hope to see a full-length LP sometime soon.

Distancing themselfs from the gangster attitudes and hardcore influences that has plagued the US scene since day one they have already set themselfs apart in my eyes. But it is when you hear them playing you really notice the evolution.
Some people will probably spit on the computerscreen when they hear me writing about this band and Oi! in the same sentence but i honestly feel that this is the right direction for it to go. Many bands like Brassic, No resistance, Templars and Wellington arms has understood the same thing. Punk needs it's 77ish r'n'r roots back. This band has nothing incommon with those bands but what i am getting at is the fact that they do their own thing (and sound damn good while doing it).

Most of the songs where sent to me by a member of the band back in 2008 and the rest have been downloaded from their old Reverb Nation site. This same member that i talked a bit to over various sites was supposed to send me their first EP in 2009 but when i revealed my plans about doing this site where i would upload anything related to the US skinhead scene (not new stuff offcourse) he never sent me that record and even stopped answering my messages...... i might have cried a bit but since i am a humble character i know that i should never judge a band by the actions of a member and people have the right to NOT act friendly. I know i ignore a lot of messages sent because of this site, not because i dont like the person sending them, mostly because i just dont have the energy to keep up makebelief friendships with people on the other side of the world. Forgotten and forgiven (but whyyyy??).

First thing noticed when listening to their lyrics is the lack of skinhead clichés. Here we see songs about slacking off, dancing and baseball instead of the usual lyrics about workeatsleeprepeat, fighting and football.
Being practice and demo songs these are all of extremly high quality and most of them have never been re-recorded or released to this date. To be honest most of these songs are actually better than they are on the EP's (take Overtime for instance).
The best song of them all is Who are we kidding, a song about growing up and having love lost. Damn strange that the song hasnt been featured on any of the EP's.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !

    What a fantastic band ! Gonna buy me all
    their records now !

    Cheers !

  2. Good stuff, I was pleasantly surprised.



  3. could you re-up please thanks man

  4. I bought their 'Complete Works Vol.1' on CD a couple of weeks ago. Just on a whim, having never heard them - but heard *of* them (for some reason, I thought that they were a German band until recently!).

    I've only listened to about half of the disc so far - but I'm liking the positive vibe to their lyrics.

    Sort of an R'n'B (original definition of the term) feel to their songs too...