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onsdag 20 juli 2011

The boozers - Have another beer with... MCD (2008)

01. Bullet
02. Johnny Crime
03. The pusher
04. Have another beer with the boozers
05. Wich side are you on?

Released by Neck Records in 2008.

Thanks to Kurt Beers for sending me this one over a year ago (takes some time for me to actually get my thumb out my ass and promote certain bands).

A 5-piece from Tampa/Florida playing what they call Rock'n'Oi!. The band was started in 2008 by members from The barons, Road to ruin, Magadog (some local SKA band) and The fighting malones.

Its a very mellow sound to say the least and not really my thing. On the 4th track though they sort of deliver and remind me whole lot about the attitude that The barons deliver in their songs. Other than that song and Wich side are you on its easily forgetable.
(By the way who makes the songtitles for this band? Both Misfits and Dropkick Murphy's on the same 5 track cd... come on.)

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