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torsdag 28 juli 2011

45 adapters - Not one more day 7'' (2009)

01. Not one more day
02. The bridge store
03. Metropolitans
04. Overtime

Released by Longshot Music in 2009.

This is as far as i will upload with the band for the time since their other releases are a bit to new to be given away for free by this dirty conniving Swede.

All songs featured on this release where on their earlier demo recordings but this time they have been mastered and perfected. Thats just my problem (the only problem with this great release), songs like Overtime looses a lot of power in this version. On the other hand the song Metropolitans is slightly better in this new version so dont listen to anything i just wrote....
Top album that is almost sold out so be sure to pick it it up while you can.
Pick up the real thing from these online distro's:
Dirty Mick Records

4 kommentarer:

  1. Great band! Seeing them tomorrow in brooklyn.

  2. For sure a brilliant band with a totally unique character (and great that they give a fuck about all the oh so 'stylish' scene clichès) and an amazing sound they play. Check also their "DON'T TRUST ANYONE WHO DOESN'T DANCE" 7'' and their split 7'' with STOMPER 98 out, also just awesome stuff!!! Hopefully a full length of them will finally see the light of the day pretty soon!!!
    The first interview I've done back then on my blog was with this sympathic and great guys from NYC so if you still today don't know it if you like to then check it out via/at http://manslaughterthuglife.blogspot.com/2010/03/interview-with-45-adapters-skinhead.html and maybe you will like and enjoy what you get to read there.
    Cheers & Oi!
    - Manslaughter Andy

  3. could you re-up this one appreciate it!