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fredag 8 juli 2011

Fighting 84 & Combate 49 - WC to EC RAC (2010)

01. Combate 49 - Somos patriotas
02. Combate 49 - Enemigos
03. Combate 49 - Somos patriotas (studio live)
04. Fighting 84 - Red dawn
05. Fighting 84 - On parade
06. Fighting 84 - Class rage

Selfreleased by the bands as a free internet split in 2010.

Wierd how both bands sounded way better on their demos. This release is far, far, far from good with Combate 49 starting it of with singing patriotic anthems in Spanish.
Fighting 84 then takes of with 2 new songs and a re-recording of On parade or more of a de-recording of the original track. It sounds as if the band had some problems while recording since the instruments sound like a flatt pancake in the background and on top of that they have added the vocals without any regard of the tempo of the instruments.
If it wasnt for free i would have told you to stick with the bands demo's or wait untill they release something new.

1 kommentar:

  1. Haha, I like this CD-R very much, especially the FIGHTING 84 songs. Anyway... ;-) I've done two interviews with FIGHTING 84 to help this band as much out as I only possibly could do to and if you still don't know the interviews but are interested in this band check them out at http://manslaughterthuglife.blogspot.com/2010/07/class-rage-patriotism-revolution.html (the first one) and also at http://manslaughterthuglife.blogspot.com/2010/10/taking-back-southlands-from-communists.html (the second one) and maybe your interest in this band will be growing on. Currently I'm also working on an interview I would like to do with COMBATE 49 (their this year's demo is pretty good stuff), so watch out for that one, too.
    Cheers & Oi!
    - Manslaughter Andy