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söndag 17 juli 2011

Lousy break - Dont wait for the next time CD (2003)

01. Devil on both shoulders/Bullet ina head
02. KK snare
03. Dubious equity
04. Coat hanger baby
05. Before the world goes off (Listen to the song here)
06. Pedestra
07. Not good enough
08. Up yer ass
09. Garage band
10. Toss the salad
11. Goddamn memories
12. Clean it
13. Human waste
14. Muddafuggin' money
15. Beat up
16. Old people should not be allowed to drive
17. Zero chance
18. AP dream
19. Undefeated
20. Fuck the French

Released by Headache Records in 2003 and was re-released in 2010 (dont know what label though).

Classic "in your face punkband" from New Jersey. The band was started around 2000 by Watson on guitar and vocals, Lousy pete on bass and backup vocals and Sean Savage on drums.
The band always had a finger in the eye of the rest of the scene and played anti-pc and humoristic punk/hardcore somewhat simulair to Limecell and The burnt.
They released this 20+ CD that was an instant underground classic and followed it up with a 4-track EP in 2005. That one was their last release as a band though they keept doing liveshows and in 2007 they changed their drummer to Tom Wood (used to play in Convict orange) but after that i havnt heard anything from the band so my guess is they are no more active.

On this CD they deliver 20 (22 if you count all the hidden ones) but since hiphop artists started releasing double cd's with 70+ tracks i think the "more is good" expression died out. Lousy break could easily have shortened down the album to a solid 10 track album and actually gotten a better grade from me.
Most songs are just to damn unpollished and noizy for me and superb songs like Dubious equity and Before the world goes off gets lost in lesser songs. As little as i like humouristic punksongs (punk christmas songs anyone!!) i have to admit that my prisongrin dissapeared for a while when i heard their blingbling song Muddafuggin' money with Lousy Pete getting his 1:25 minutes of fame on the mic and the last song called Fuck the french.
Some will probably consider this to be the album of the decade but they are not me.
The record can be bought at:
Headache records

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