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torsdag 7 juli 2011

Combate 49 - Demo (2011)

01. Third world (watch the video here)
02. City lonewolf
03. Evil seed
04. Garden state
05. Street violence

Pro-nationalist RAC band of Latin descent originating from the backstreets of New Jersey. The band has been around since late 2009 and is a part of the Battalion 49 crew that has divisions in both South and North America. A skinhead fraction that according to AFA has close ties with nazi deathsquads in Colombia (well AFA also claims that any band against their views is a nazi so dont believe every lie they tell). For some fun read about this crew you can always visit your local nutjob chapter of the AFA and see what they think about them (click here).

They did a split with Fighting 84 last year and as awefull as that split was i was most confuced with the fact that this patriotic band didnt sing in English. That makes absolutely no sense to me so i was happy to hear that they now sing in English.
The band has done shows with Oxblood and First strike and its easy to hear that both these bands have had a big impact on the bands sound.
The band is far from finished to release a record anytime soon but just like F84 they have a certain raw and unpollished charm to them. Their biggest problem is the tempo of the songs that are way to slow. Sure some songs it fits, like the military feeling it gives to Street violence (the best song on the demo). All songs have quite good lyrics and not at all what i would have expected from a selfproclaimed RAC band.
A young band that i think we will hear from in the future and when we do they will sound better than now.

13 kommentarer:

  1. Almost as bizarre as Japanese nazi skinhead bands


    Endast hälften av bandet är LATINAMERIKAN anständigt. Detta band har inte någon politik, bara en ÏÉ BANDET -- Ja ANTIFA HATAR C49 oavsett skäl -- som ger en FUCK:)

  3. to "usoiofsweden & who ever may concern": never were we self proclaimed rac, guy--where you get your info from? you sound just like the ara over the internet, making info up. before you type you can just hit us up online, or just see us in person...we aint that hard to find but id be more than glad to meet up if you even live in the states

  4. Oh lord. The demo was sent in by one of your bandmembers begging me to reviev it so i did. And to be honest i was quite nice in the review. Releasing a split record that even has east coast rac fucking WRITTEN on the back of the album would count as selfproclaiming RAC. Otherwise dont write it on the record.

    Be whatever you want to be i dont care. Just dont be a toughguy when on the other side of the pond. Since you are anonymous my guess is you dont wanna tell me what bandmember you are.
    //Bernando Auf Sweden

  5. im yohan. from elizabeth new jersey, i am annoymous because i dont know how to put otherwise on this blog, combate49@gmail.com. toughguy? im typing on the computer. like i said. if your out here in nj/nyc id be more than glad to talk this in person. and im the one who submitted this demo to various blogs.

  6. Why the hell would i travel across the globe to meet you in person? I live in Småland/Sweden.

    If you sent the demo to me why go in here and say that i am trashtalking you guys. If you would have followed my site you would have known that there are few people out there that care less what politics a band has.

    Since your band have been persecuted by the leftwing in NJ and i write about your band it is important to mention that. Its not shit-talk. Just writing what i know.

    If you want to wash away any RAC stains from your jackets you should have told me that you didnt make that music anymore. How the hell should i know that you had changed since that split with Fighting 84?
    //Bernando Auf Sweden

  7. your absolutely right. and about f84, we never even met those guys in person, theyre all the way in California. as a matter of fact we made the front cover -- they made the back cover. the cacaroaches(ara) in nyc/nj loved that one. but just actually an oi band no more no less. no convincing those cacaroaches other wise.

  8. The bassist and the guitarist are formerly with Sick Of Society

  9. We are red white and blue power oi. USA. I dislike commies and nazis but hell this is a free country so they can exist. However when they try to fuck up our gigs it gets evil. C49 is a band that just happened. We all have mixed beliefs, mixed heritage etc. Thanks for the review. RR - C49 Cheers

  10. C49 are a good band, don't listen to what ARA says. They are actually the most nicest guys that it makes Mr.Rogers look like Ted Bundy. Hearing their music is like floating on a cloud across a rainbow into a pot of gold. They love the kids, half the members do volunteer work at the local children's hospital and encourages them to stay off drugs and go to school. they are the types that will walk an old lady across the street and donate money to orphans every christmas. ARA are the real nazis

  11. That last thing just sounded gay... sorry.

  12. it was obviously sarcasm LOL

  13. I know. Still sounded gay though