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onsdag 31 augusti 2011

Templars & Glory stompers - Split LP (1995)

01. Glory stompers - Kids of today
02. Glory stompers - Luck wasnt his friend
03. Glory stompers - We're here to stay
04. Templars - Concrete grave
05. Templars - Easy way out
06. Templars - No future, no escape

Released by Knock Out Records in 1995. Has never been reissued.

Limited and rare release that i can guess would wear a high pricemark if sold by a collector today. I have never found it but got it sent in digital format by fellow Swede Pelle.

The cream of the crop from US and Canada. Glory stompers play a slow and bass-slapping Oi! that works great as a slower A-side to Templars more rocking and uptempo B-side.

For you who never heard about Glory stompers before you might still find the sound familuar. This is because their singer Greg later went on to sing for two more known Canadian Oi! bands, namely Subway Thugs and Alternate Action.
Matt sounds incredibly raw when he sings but to me thats just positive. As great as the Templars side is i think Luck wasnt his friend is the top track on the split. Heavy supporter drums and a slow slapping bass gives it an eary feeling that is hard to come by these days.

Templars delivers three solid tracks with both music and lyrics that are well thought through. Best one here is No future, no escape (just have to love that guitar in the beginning).
(After this Templars released a split EP with 90 Proof that i have already uploaded here)

tisdag 30 augusti 2011

Templars - Clockwork orange horrorshow Double-EP (1995)

01. Clockwork orange horror show
02. Doing the dirty
03. Teenage warning (Angelic upstarts cover)
04. You'd better beware
05. War on the streets
06. Leaders of tomorrow (Major Accident cover)
07. Modern day ripper (Bonus-Not on original release)

Released by Vulture Rock in 1995 as a 6-track double EP.
Later released on CD by the same label in 1999.
In 2005 re-issued by Templecombe on CD and on a picture EP with an additional song added.

(Inbetween this record and the Return of Jacques de Molay LP they released a split LP with Red Alert that is impossible to get ahold of. All songs on that release where later released on other records but if anyone has it then please send me an email)

One of my least favourite release by Templars. When a cover of another band is the best song on the record you know it isnt a solid release. Nice cover art and the song War on the streets is on here but other than the Major Accident cover there isnt a whole lot of reasons to get this record. Not good by Templars standards but a good record compared to other stuff.
They still have the record at:
Jack Wolak's Rare
Angry young and poor
TKO Records
Common People Mailorder

Lyrics for The sixties are over by Templars

How many more times can the Grateful Dead play their set
How much longer before they o.d. and we see them dead
Long greasy hair, tye-dyed shirt wearing waste
All part of the Sixties retro-fashion parade
Tune in and tune out, what a fuckin' waste
Peace, love, and anarchy, give me a fuckin' break

The Sixties are over, now they're good and dead
Stop your Sixties retro, bell bottoms make us sick

Fill your head with drugs until your mind just can't think
Stuff your fuckin' drugs, it's beer I'd rather drink
Look at your hair, look at our stare, you're the victim tonight
The boot goes in, it 's just a sin, your friends are nowhere insight

The Sixties are over, now they're good and dead
Stop your Sixties retro, bell bottoms make us sick

The sixties are dead!

Lyrics for The templars by Templars

Charging into battle and showing no fear
Courageous holy warriors with sword and spear
Fighting to the last, they never fear death
For on the field of battle they are put to the test

Stand strong, young warrior, to your beliefs
Never admit to your own defeat
Warriors of the sword, when your power is too great
The ones you protect are the ones who seal your fate

Scarlet cross on a field of white
Fighting for what they believe is right
Punished by the church and the state
Condemned to die, burning at the stake

Stand strong, young warrior, to your beliefs
Never admit to your own defeat
Warriors of the sword, when your power is too great
The ones you protect are the ones who seal your fate

Feudal warriors dealing with a hostile foe
Sword raised high to deal the death blow
False charges brought the warriors to an end
Greed and lust, a means toward the end

Stand strong, young warrior, to your beliefs
Never admit to your own defeat
Warriors of the sword, when your power is too great
The ones you protect are the ones who seal your fate

Independent spirits brought about their demise
Tortured and killed for denying their lies
Never lose hope and never give in
Stick to your guns and fight, fight to win

Stand strong, young warrior, to your beliefs
Never admit to your own defeat
Warriors of the sword, when your power is too great
The ones you protect are the ones who seal your fate

Lyrics for New York by Templars

Through Washington Square, past the pushers and freaks
Down to Bleeker Bob's, where the gang all meets
Passed the trendy shops on Broadway
We make our way to the Bowery
Hang out in front of C.B's and drink a few beers
And hassle those who've got the nerve to stare
A few bottles thrown and everybody knows
That we've gotta go before the pigs all show

This is New York City, where the kids rule the streets
New York City's where we wanna be

We always find a show where we can cause trouble
With trendy college kids and Neanderthal bouncers
On the city streets, that's where we get our kicks
Even when it comes down to bottles and bricks
Waiting for the weekend all week long
Waiting for your worries and stress to be gone
There's always someone out to ruin your fun
Like the boys in blue and the hoods with guns

This is New York City, where the kids rule the streets
New York City's where we wanna be

When they know we're coming the shows are over-priced
The beers they serve are piss cup size
Record stores in the Village are just the same
They won't carry our music unless it's priced insane
In a city so big, in a city so diverse
Everybody here wants a big fat purse
We'll still have fun, we'll still have our beer
As you come and go, we'll still be here

This is New York City, where the kids rule the streets
New York City's where we wanna be

måndag 29 augusti 2011

Templars - Return of Jacques De Molay CD (1994)

(Up: CD cover/Down: LP cover)
01. The templars
02. The sixties are over
03. New York
04. I believe in myself
05. Stand up... Speak out
06. Those who build this country
07. Sirens
08. Skinheads rule OK!
09. Pride
10. The city
11. Our generation
12. The waiting is over
13. This is not the first song
14. (Hidden track)

One of the most confusing records that has distorted my mind so much that i have actually bought 2 different issues through the years.
The original release didnt have these many tracks and was actually a demo called 1993 that Dim Records released on CD in 1994. That same version was later released on cassette tape by Carry on Oi! Records in Polen.
In 1999 it was re-issued by Dim Records on LP with some extra songs and also reissued by GMM Records and Templecombe in the states on cd with the same extra songs as the LP release. I own the LP version but uploaded the GMM CD version because of its superior soundquality (though i added the coverart for the LP in the upload).

History facts for underground nerds: Jacques De Molay was the Grand Master of the templars in the end of the crucades. After the crucades the catholic church was faced with the brutality and failure of the war and needed someone to blame.
The pope tricked Jacques into traveling to France where he was tortured into saying he was under the influence of satan and that he had denounced God and stepped on the cross. He later withdrew his pleadings explaining that he was tortured into admitting.
Because of this the church burned Jacques to death but before he died he allegdly cursed King Filip who died not shortly after. Also Filips 3 sons died shortly after taking the throne.
Standing up for their beliefs without showing any remorse for the sins of old times and being crucified for it...... where have i heard this before?

Been more busy than normal but i guess thats because i am now (after 10 years of hard labour) a student. Anything is more intresting than studying math or researching the flow of electricity haha.
This record was the big one for the band and earned them a big following outside of the states but also within. All songs on the record where written and recorded around 1992-1993 and are all of the highest quality. As a matter of fact its one of the most complete US recordings to date if you ask me.

A ton of instresting songs here but especially the song The templars. This song speaks about the spirit of the Templar knights but could have been named The skinheads and still carried the same message. Strong lyrics!

The sixties are over starts out with a flower power themed intro and carries a sixties feeling the whole song through. The theme is the same as many other bands, namely an anti-hippie song but for a band that seems to hate the 60's Templars sure knows their enemy and plays the era's music like there was no tomorrow.

Another intresting track is the song I believe in myself that is a song against religon. Some might think this is wierd for a band calling themselfs Templars but there you have it.

Other great songs are Skinheads rule OK!, the workingclass anthem Those who build this country and the hidden song that was on the GMM release.
Even with all the re-issues the record is sold out from almost everywere except:
Dim Records (the LP reissue)
Rebellion Records (the GMM CD issue)
Victory Records (the GMM CD issue)

Templars - Beauséant 7'' (1994)

01. A change from worse
02. Gunrunner
03. Vision of a future
04. No solution

Released on both CD and 7'' by Dim Records in 1994. Later re-released in 500 copies on red and orange wax in 2000.

History facts for underground nerds: The word Beauséant has two meanings. The Templars banner when marching into battle was called Beauséant but also their battlecry. It can be translated Be glorious.

Quite a heavy sound for the Templars with the track Gunrunner standing on top. Both the lyrics and the delivery are top notch and it all has a sound that i can miss no matter how much i like the bands new and softer sound.
Both No solution and Change from worse are quite depressing but at the same time realistic songs which displays the bands ability in writing great lyrics.
A classic EP that needs to be in every diehards collection.
The rare reissue can still be purchased here:
Dim Records (costs 15£ though)
Musicstack (Costs almost 30£ here)

söndag 28 augusti 2011

Templars - Poor knights of Acre 7'' (1993)

01. I've heard it all before
02. The right to work
03. Who's the real threat now
04. War on the streets

Released by Sonic Aggresson in 1993. Later re-released by Templecombe in 1998.

Originally released by Sonic aggression in 600 copies with the band posing on the frontcover. Later reissued in this bootleg by the band themselfs. Released in 666 copies (yellow/blue covers).

History facts for underground nerds: While kneedeep inside the holy land the templar order captured a muslim mosque called Al Aqsa (Acre) that layed on top of what was thought to be the ruins of the Temple of Solomon. The 9 knights that held this place called themselfs The poor knights of Christ and their emblem and symbol was a seal that depicted 2 knights riding on a single horse (to display their poverty). This order had no finances of their own and relied entirely on donations. There of The poor knights of Acre. This seal is often displayed on Templars merchandise and became the logo for their Templacombe records.

Great release with classic track War on the streets and the melodic The right to work that is my favourite track on the EP.
After this EP they released a split 7'' with Oxblood that i have already uploaded here.
Record is sold out from everywhere.

Templars (introduction)

(Update 19 september 2011: Updated the bandlist with 3 additionall sideprojects)

Probably the most wellknown and celebrated Oi! band to come out from America. Also one of those bands that has matured in a great way. I wont write a heapload of information on this band cause its actually one of the few bands that can easily be googled. What i will try to do though is post the correct discography (something that can get hard since the band has re-released almost every ep on different labels and my collection of the band is 30+ records).

This New York band was started as a 3-piece in 1990 by Carl Fritscher on guitar and vocals, Phil Rigaud on drums and Don Gurle playing bass. They recorded several cassettes on their own but it wasnt untill in 1993 that they released their first true EP through Sonic Aggression. Don soon left the band to play in a HC band called Sub DK.
After this they became a 2-man band with Carl playing bass, guitars and singing on the recordings and Phil doing the drums. Playing live though they borrowed members from other bands or let friends play with them and even if they still to this day are looked on as a 2-man project Perry Hardy (famous from old skinzines and also played in Chapter 21) has become somewhat of a third member. Also Chet Knight (from Time bomb 77 and Adolf and the piss artists) was a solid part of the band for some time but as far as i know he has no affilliation with the band today. Chris White who moved to US after playing in French punkbands Bombardiers and Les Poches plays in the band today but has not played on any recordings yet.

The bands lyrics focuses a lot on old history mainly The order of the templars (no shit) and from what i know both Carl and Phil have a real interest in old skandinavian mythology (think i read somewhere that Carl has even studied Swedish history as a degree). With lyrics about the old crucades mixed with the quite advanced guitarplay and drummings and the fact that they DO NOT draw their influences mainly from old generic football hooligan Oi! seperates their sound from the majority of other bands. Another factor in the distinct Templars sound is that they have recorded the majority of their songs in the same basement studio (Acre studio) since their first release. A lot of other NY bands like Skin disorder has been produced by Carl and recorded their albums at this verry same studio.

Being the most populair US band in Europa i find it funny how many bands actually mention Templars as an influence to their sound. These same bands would never imagine mentioning Ultima Thule, Skrewdriver or early french Oi!/RAC acts like Herberts, Tolbiac toads etc as their influences even though these where the bands that created the soundfusion that became the Templars sound.

Carl and Phil's sideprojects and guest appearences in other bands are as confucing and impressive as all their re-releases but i will try to name a few:

Oxblood (Phil used to play drums in the band)

First strike (Phil was never an official member but played drums on their LP)

Vibram 94 (Both Carl and Phil played in this band)

Battle cry (Phil played a couple of shows as their drummer but was never a member of the band.)

Nadsat psychos (Phil and Carls verry brief psychobilly band that had one song on the first addition of Backstreets of American Oi!)

Stomper 98 (A German Oi! band that drafted Phil to play drums, still a member today)

Tartan mushroom (Carls and Phils glamrock sideproject with Andy Animal from NY punkband Stalkers on vocals. Great band that never relly left the practice stage though.)

B.C USA (After Alex from Battle Zone moved Peru he started up the band again under the names BZ Peru and BZ USA. BZ USA had both Perry and Phil in the band the few times they played.)

Stamford bridge (Carls soloproject with a great mods sound to it. Has released a couple of split EP's)

Wodnes thegnas (a vikingrock sideproject by Carl around late 90's. Released a split with Templars)

TNT (Templars teaming up with the singer Ivano from Italian band Asociale.)

Sons of acre (Dont know much about this project except the fact that Carl sang and played guitar.)

The butchers (Templars sideproject that had a nice 77ish sound to it. Band recorded a whole heap of sonfs but only released a split cd.)

Ukkos Jumala (Carl and the Finnish band 2 Fist Season. The band released an EP)

The righteous (A great and forgotten Swedish band that hooked up with Carl who produced/played on an album for them. The album was called "9 days we hung" and is to be released by Pure impact later this year.)

Solstice (Carl's first vikingproject. No releases)

East side boys (Carl and Phil's sideproject with Riton from West side boys)

Carl also recorded a demo with members from Swedish bands Frontlash and Vindicate this! in 2004-2005. It was a vikingrock project but dont know the name of it. (It might be Aifur)
Think thats all of them but post a comment if i have missed a band

lördag 27 augusti 2011

Liveperformance by Bad assets in 2011.

From a show they did in Westland MI earlier this year. Thanks to leftofpunk for the uploads.

Wasted generation

Dusk till dawn

Wednesday night warrior

Bad assets - Demo (2009)

01. Wasted generation
02. Factory rat
03. Wednesday night warriors

Released as a free EP/Demo through their Reverb site in 2009.

Thanks to Chris V for pointing me in the right direction.

Detroit Oi! band that started in 2008 by Ralph on vocals (also sings in HC band Death in custody), Elbeau on bass (plays bass in Celtic folkband Carey's Company), Kid on guitar (plays in punkband D.A.) and Ali on drums. In 2010 Ali left the band and instead Kid's friend Jason from D.A. picked up the sticks.

After putting the band on hold for a while they are now back in 2011 and planing a full-length with some songs already recorded.

Nothing mindblowing about their sound or any of the members contribution to the band but an allover decent sound. First song on the demo is actually really good and catchy so i am looking forward to seing them release a full-length.

torsdag 25 augusti 2011

Baltimore foot stompers & Chelloveck 4 - Split 7'' (1997)

01. Baltimore foot stompers - Downsize
02. Baltimore foot stompers - Wrongly accused
03. Chelloveck 4 - Jim Pursey's innocent
04. Chelloveck 4 - On the dole que

Released by Worship my brain Records in 1997.

(Update 11 September 2011: Al Quimet was also the singer for The pist.)

A nice and quite rare old gem that i bought from a collector on Ebay some time ago.
Both bands are from Connecticut and have a long history in everything from classic Oi! acts and quite famous hardcore bands.

Baltimore Foot Stompers was created in 1996 by Jim Martin on vocals (used to play in Broken and Malachi Krunch), Bill Collins on guitar (used to play in Special forces, Fang and the infamous MDC, after BFS he would play in streetpunk band Rabble rousers and later start his own solo aucustic project.). Also in the band was less famous Al Quimet on bass and Marvin White on drums.
They took their name from a footfetishist delinquent who went under the name Baltimore Footstomper in the movie Polyester. This was their only release and from what i know the band wasnt around for more than 2 years top.

Chelloveck 4 was created in mid '90s by Eric Darmon (guitar) and Jon Corbin (bass) who used to play in the legendary Forced Reality. Also in the band was Toby on vocals and Ken on drums.
This band released this split and a split with The deacons in 1999. I know the band got together for a short time in the '00s but dont think it resulted in any releases or demos or anything.

On the A-side we have BFS who bring the best result of the split. They play a nice and heavy punk sound that surprised me since most members have more background in HC than any Oi! or punk.
Both songs are great but the best one on the whole split is Wrongly accused. A damn shame they never released anything else.

Chelloveck 4 starts their side with a song that is a bit to noizy for me but pick it up again in On the dole que (do you even have them in the states?). Cant say i like the singers voice but the lyrics and a tight band makes it worth listening to.

onsdag 24 augusti 2011

Rival - Take it back CD (1995)

01. Grey day (Listen to the song)
02. Not long ago
03. We will win
04. Wattney's dream stout
05. Spirit of 67
06. Take it back
07. Heart of stone
08. New world order
09. American way
10. True white christian
11. New decade
12. Get'em out
13. In the pub
14. White magic

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1995.

First song called Grey day has that Rogues sound i was missing on their last album but with somewhat of a metal twist to it. It talks about modern society and all its wrongs but doesnt really give an alternative. The fact that the band in later songs sing about concentration camps i think i prefer the modern world order any day.

The song Wattney's dream stout is sort of a rock'n'roll partysong about some unknown beer that reminds me about early Close shave songs like Singalong shave, Rockin with Fluffy and When the weekend comes. Never tried it but it sounds good.

Spirit of 67
is a song about the race-riots in Detroit 1967. Even with the racial theme this is probably the best song on the album together with the patriotic anthem American way.

American RAC free of metal and hardcore like it should sound and even with the racial themes that im not so found of there are more great nonpolitical songs on these records than on most modern Oi! bands releases. Dont be scared to download them since you are as much of a nazi when listening to these as you are a rapist when listening to GG Allin.

tisdag 23 augusti 2011

Anonymous posters!

Dont get me wrong here. I am also anonymous and online that's the most secure way to move around but i have recently recieved some complaints from members of certain bands that people go in and slander them as anonymous.
Whats the difference between that and me spitting on Lars and Matt you might ask yourself?
First of all i know for a fact that i dont make the stuff up and in my world anybody who crosses my path is a fuckface. Being serious though i have my email posted on the site and my real name isnt that hard to figure out from that. Bottom line is if i piss someone of they can always contact me OR find out where i live.
Leaving an anonymous comment is just talking shit without any fear of facing the consicuenses.

I will not remove the option to post as an anonymous but any comment made under that option that calls out someone in a band of being fat, ugly, retarded etc will be removed.
Posting those comments as a blogger member or leaving your mailadress in the comment is an option and it will not be removed since the fat retarded person can contact you back.

Rival - The true will survive CD (1994)

01. Backstreet violence
02. Fence
03. Secret army
04. Blind justice
05. Time marches on
06. Border patrol
07. Ten on one
08. Side by side
09. Kids of today
10. Skinhead Oi! Oi!

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1994.

Way more political than their earlier album and a bit more cheesy at certain places but still a decent album with more leanings to Oi! than the metal RAC that was huge in UK around this time.
If you can look past the chamefully cliché skinheadanthem called Skinhead Oi! Oi! (haha) and some to extreme lyrics there are some really great songs here in Secret army and the singalong friendly Side by side.

Fun thing is both songs Fence and Border patrol had a view on illegal immigration that was seen as racist back in the 90's. If you take out some more extreme lyrics from the song Fence the views are today quite common when talking to many Americans (with citizenship that is). Guess they where ahead of their time....

söndag 21 augusti 2011

Lyrics for Kick in the head by Rival

Not the most creative lyrics but damn it's hard. Anthem!

Get out of my life you give me nothing but hell
A stab in the back i don’t wish you well

I’ll kick you in the head! I’ll kick you ’till you’re dead!
I’ll kick you in the head! I’ll kick you ’till you’re dead!

Cheated and lied you never said the truth
Turn on your friends it’s only self abuse

I’ll kick you in the head! I’ll kick you ’till you’re dead!
I’ll kick you in the head! I’ll kick you ’till you’re dead!

Rival - We got the right LP (1992)

01. 1991
02. We got the right
03. Outcast
04. Survive
05. Loser
06. Kick in the head
07. Street kids
08. Society
09. Dead and buried
10. Smash
11. Elite
12. We get the blame

Released by Force Majeure in 1992.

The bands first and best release. Most songs are far from extreme but if you have a bleeding heart or a prejudice black/white perspective on what politics are ok and what are not then dont download it.
The record came in 2 different versions if i remember correct this being the first one and then later released on CD by Rock-O-Rama. The cd version was cut down one song (the song Smash) for obvious political reasons (take a listen and you will understand).

Not that into the political extreme songs (more childish than brave oppinions if you ask me) but the the more pride and skinhead oriented songs are superb. Great songs are We get the blame, We got the right and the uberviolent Kick in the head. The last mentioned song is one of my favourite songs by any band from the early 90's.
Classic album with a classic Detroit sound.

lördag 20 augusti 2011

Rival (introduction)

A great but politically extreme Detroit band started around 1990 by Pat (to the far right in the pic) and his friend Sean (second from the left) who used to play in The unclean. Pat had just left Almighty lumberjacks of death after arguing with the rest of the band and was psyched to start something of his own with a heavier Oi!-sound. After doing some shows with 2 other members they decided to invite their friends Jim (far left) and Bill (second from right) from the band Rogues to replace the original members.
The lineup now was Jim on vocals and drums, Pat on bass and Sean and Bill both on guitars. This lineup would hold until the band broke up in 1995.

Even if they never meant to have Rival as a political band the bandmembers views slipped out into the lyrics more and more to the point of becoming extreme. Unlike most bands that get labeled as nazibands (Arresting officers, Best defence etc) this band didnt leave much for discussion and displayed their views both on records and in interviews.

The band released their first record on cassette through Force Majeure and later re-released it on both LP/CD through Rock-O-Rama (who also released their 2 later full-lengths).

The band sounded like a violent twinbrother to Rogues and since Jim and Bill played in them both Rogues has always had a bad political rep.

After the breakup in 1995 Jim went on to play drums in NS band Max Resist and Bill went on to form Liberty 37 and then later Rebel hell.

fredag 19 augusti 2011

The cuffs - Cut throat 7'' (2001)

01. Never forget
02. Cut throat

Released by Headache Records in 2001.

The last release by the band. Ok but nothing impressive. Thanks to Brian Guy for the better quality rip of the record.
Still up for purchase at:
Headache Records

torsdag 18 augusti 2011

The cuffs & The vigilantes - Split 7'' (1999)

01. The cuffs - Cut throat
02. The cuffs - What can i do
03. The vigilantes - Another stranger
04. The vigilantes - Give up

Released by Flat Records in 1999.

Two great bands (will do The vigilantes sometime in the future) with an ok split. The vigilantes delivers the best song on the split with Give up. Even if this band (like many other) leans more to streetpunk than any Oi! sound i have always liked Jaspers voice that feels like a good and vulnerable ying/yang when put on a split with Mike gruffer vocals.
Not so impressed with The cuffs side though.
Sold out from all distros i know except Midheaven (that sells it for 0,25 dollars!!!!!!!)

tisdag 16 augusti 2011

The cuffs playing live at Killtime in 1999

Some songs from arowdy concert back in 1999 that they did with Blanks 77. At this show they where guested by a lot of members from other bands such as Greg from The boils, Ian Thomas from The herculoids and Pat from Blind society. Thanks to JrzyPunx for this great and rare footage.

Bottoms up

I dont like you (Skrewdriver cover)

Getting smashed

John L. Sullivan (the PA system broke so the audience takes the vocals)

The cuffs - Bottoms up LP/CD (1998)

01. Getting smashed
02. Enemy
03. Too much confusion
04. John L. Sullivan (Bare knuckle fighter)
05. No more
06. The time has come
07. Hit the streets
08. Red, white and blue
09. Bottoms up
10. March on
11. Down with 'em all
12. When the sun goes down
13. Vision
14. Turn it up
15. Punks not dread
16. Forgotten soldier
17. Worth waiting for

Released by Radical Records in 1998. And later re-issued in 2002.

Have it on LP but upload the CD version i downloaded since its superior to the result after i have tried to rip it with Audacity.

Not only does this record offer a gangsta-rap proportion of songs but the majority of them are actually really fucking great. The band reminds me a lot of The boils (whom the band was friends with) and there are a lot of early British Oi! influences but tweeked into a typical US streetoi! sound (Drinking and driving anyone?). Majority of the songs makes you want to see the band play them live (isnt to often i feel that way).
A big goldstar goes out to their bassist Cook who has a great voice and really shines on the songs where he takes the mic (Punks not dread).

The songs are to many on this LP to disect and analyze but as usual i have marked the ones of intrest with red but be sure you dont miss No more, Hit the streets, Bottoms up and Punks not dread.
Still available on vinyl and cd at Interpunk.

The cuffs - Death by the bottle 7'' (1998)

01. Gonna do it our way
02. Vision
03. Street punks
04. We're the kids

Released by Headache Records in 1998.

Since i am bored out of my mind and have no responsabilities or duty's to attend to today i'll throw up another one here.
Much better sound compared to their first EP and also more Oi! oriented. Really enjoyed this record especially the song Vision. I also find it hard to understand how the drums can sound so good on songs like Street punks if you think about the fact that their drummer only has 2 years experience.
This EP is still sold at Interpunk.

The cuffs live at Westbrook Lanes in 1997.

From a show in 1997 during their pre-shaven heads era. Most of these songs would later make it to their full length.

Getting smashed

4Q (Blitz cover)

Worth waiting for

The cuffs performing We're the kids in 1997

Performed live in 1997 at Columbia Lanes. The song would later be on the Headache Records EP in 1998.

The cuffs - Get out of my way 7'' (1996)

01. I hate school
02. We beat the Berlin wall
03. Broken box
04. Cook got arrested
05. Fighting in the streets
06. Worth waiting for

Selfreleased by the band on KUF21 Records in 1996.

The bands first and the one that was hardest to find (cant remember now but think i bought it from a US collector). Also probably their most punkish one.
Only one song is longer than 1:40 and to be honest the majority of the songs are bullshit teen rebellion songs like Cook got arrested and I hate school. There are a couple of nice songs like the melodic Fighting in the streets and the short but sweet Worth waiting for.
After this release the band would cut of their mohawks and get a little more advanced sound.
A nice piece of punkhistory though.

The cuffs (introduction)

Band from southern New Jersey fencewalking inbetween Oi! and streetpunk that started out in 1996 by Mike (vocals and guitar) and Cook (is a guitarplayer at heart but since the band didnt know any bassist he grew into the role) when they where in their last year of school. They didnt have a drummer but what they did have was a friend called Jared so he basicly learned to play the drums to help the band out (now that's punk). They also added JC as a second guitarist but he left the band in 1997.

Instead of releasing a demo they decided to put out their first ep themselfs and soon they had shows booked with bands such as Limecell, The wretched ones and The boils. In 1997 they recorded a demo though and through that demo they got a spot on the Oi!skampilation series that later led to a deal with Headache Records. The same year (98) they released their first and only LP through Radical records called Bottoms up.
After this release they started moving up in the scene and toured with Rancid and Dropkick murphys. With this the loss of any interest of keeping the band alive came. The band unofficially disbanded in late 1999 and all 3 went back to school (they where only 20 at the time). After the band ended they still released one split ep and a last ep in 2001 on Headache Records. They played a couple of shows post99 but the absolutely last show was one they did with Sons of liberty in 2005 years Pontiac Grille Brawl.

The band is still not officially defunct but i cant imagine seing anything new by the band anytime soon. Still want more after i have uploaded the bands discography then check out the band that Mike and Cook started with their old guitarist JC called Broken Shillelaghs. Its a bit to Irish and streetpunk to me but still a decent band worth checking out if your into that stuff.

måndag 15 augusti 2011

Fighting 84 - Never give in DEMOCD (2011)

01. Never give in
02. The tide will turn
03. Vengence tonight

Their latest demo sent in to me by one of the members (wont wait half a year to put it up this time). Wasnt that long since they recorded their last demo but a lot of things has happened during these months. The band was under the influence of Templars while writing the first song but its a bit to noisy and offbeat for me to be honest.
Their second song called The tide will turn is probably the best one yet from the band and they all seem a lot tighter on this track than their older stuff. More of this please.
Vengence tonight is their attempt to make a slower rac'n'roll song but it falls flat mainly because of the drummer sounding like he is asleep at certain points. One positive thing with the song though is that it has clear vocals so its easy to hear the lyrics, dont know if it's cause im a Swede but i had a lot of trouble hearing the lyrics on the other tracks.

söndag 14 augusti 2011

As some might have heard English Defence League, minor football firms and honest locals have banded together in certain areas to stop the mindless masses rioting in London. The Danish/American/Australian band Wrecking dead´s song Walk alone fits the situation perfect. Vigilante action!

The strong & Anal skins - The single EP (2008)

01. The strong - This is my home
02. The strong - We are the strong
03. Anal skins - I am in love (with my boots)
04. Anal skins - Our solution

Supposedly released by Braindead Records in 2008.

After Oil!, Jewdriver and Pink Panzer yet another American skinhead jokeband who called themselfs The strong popped up in 2008. The band The strong in itself (lyricly) isnt really much of a jokeband but the mystery that surrounds them makes me think the band never really existed except on these songs and the members heads. This split with a Malaysian band calling themselfs Anal skins (some sort of jokeband talking about assfucking revolution and dressing themselfs up in matching pink Perry shirts) is the only thing they have ever released.
Appearently they come from Chicago but since they dont show their faces on any bandphoto and use madeup names like Ace Face i cant really digg any deeper into this mystery.

Their sound is pure and unquestionable Oi! and both their songs are great with serious lyrics and judging from what i hear most members have a past in the US punkscene. Their songs are about hometown patriotism and skinhead pride, both with great singalong choruses.

The Malaysian band Anal skins on the other hand is a pure jokeband and quite gay if i can say so. I am not really a big fan of Malaysian bands since i cant really understand what most of them say but this band has a singer that used to live in USA back in the days. They take on such subjects as anal sex and middle class revolutionary girls in the same song and that earns them prestiegepoints in my book. Also this band is of the highest quality and sound really good.

I am a bit paranoid and dont even know if i am to believe that Anal skins is even from Malaysia or if the record even had a release (i got it sent to me last year by someone who was as confused as i was).
The truth is out there but i aint got the energy to hunt it down.

tisdag 9 augusti 2011

The restraining order.

(Update 13 August: As i mentioned in the comments before i want to stress the fact that the other members from Aires and graces had nothing to do with Tim's cruzade. I recieved an email from Matt that told me that his new band Noi!se will be happy to be featured on the site in the future. He has nothing to do with Tim these days.)

In fear of the corporate police busting through my windows i cant really say to much except that the bands Aires and graces and the popband Happy noose will never be featured on this site. Will be annoying 10 years on when i have mapped out the whole scene on the site except those bands but thats just how it is.
Copyright laws and lawyers and all that bullshit is something i dont have the strength to deal with since it is a nonprofital page.
All i can say is that the guitarplayer Timothy is a cunt for not sending me an mail (if you have the time to act as multiple anonymous commenters you have the time to send away an email).
Will be putting the site on ice for some time now.

måndag 8 augusti 2011

V/A - Bernando says... Duck and cover Vol.1 (2011)

01. Basement boys - A change is gonna come (Sam Cooke cover)
02. Terminus city - Kid's in America (Kim Wilde cover)
03. The loose skrews - Livin' on a prayer (Bon Jovi cover)
04. Niblick henbane - Dreaming (Blondie cover)
05. Last laugh - Teenage kicks (The undertones cover)
06. The beltones - Concrete jungle (Bob Marley cover)
07. The bruisers - Rock around with Ollie Vee (Buddy Holly cover)
08. Smash points - People that died (Jim Carrol band cover)
09. The wretched ones - No more heroes (The stranglers cover)
10. Headwound - Leaving on a jetplane (Peter, Paul & Mary cover)
11. Limecell - Seeker (The who cover)
12. Empire falls - Some kinda hate (Misfits cover)
13. Moonstomp - Head kicked in (Fleetwood Mac cover)
14. Armed suspects - I'll never get out of this world alive (Hank Williams cover)
15. The booked - Pancho & Lefty (Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard cover)
16. Disorderly conduct - Saturday nights all right for fightin' LIVE (Elton John cover)
17. -Bonus track- Stoolsample - Tainted love (Gloria Jones cover)

Released as a free bootleg by Bernando Says (me) in 2011.

(Updated 27 April 2012: Uploaded the compilation again after being banned from Mediafire.)

I put this one together to pay tribute to the few bands out there that go beyond what you learn in Skinhead over night courses. Instead of making yet another tired version of the even originally awefull song Skinhead girl or doing an Oi! version of an Oi! song that was 10 times better before the cover. Basicly a comp for people that are tired of hearing new versions of Violence in the streets, Borstal breakout and other songs that chouldnt be covered in the first place.

Here we have a strange diversity of everything from 80's discohits and 60's soul to hippierock and countryballads all made new with an Oi! edge. Well Misfits might not really be something that original to cover but it is more the bands choice of song that made em put it on here.

Some of the songs are actually better than the original (that you can listen to by slicking the cover icon in the songlist) and some might not be anything great but atleast they try to break out of the mold.

Also be sure to check out the band Stool Sample that i put as a bonus. They dont really fit in on the site but since Rotger from The loose skrews used to play bass in the band i thought what the hell.

Opposition - Everyday living 7'' (1992)

01. Everyday living
02. Live and let live
03. Times of the past

Released by Rescue Records in 1992.

A band that i had never heard of before but ordered it mainly because i saw two bomberjackets on the frontcover. Got it and thought oh hell when i noticed they where from New York and one of them had baggypants on. Got ready for a downbeat NYHC hell to come blasting out of the speakers but was greated by a nice and slow punkrock landing somewhere inbetween Rogues and later Warzone.

The band consisted of Eric Christian on vocals, Jim Marchall on bass, Scott Nichols on guitar and Rob Rodrigues on drums. This was the last release by the band (appearently they recorded some nine-track demo that could be bought by the members around this release) and they disbanded a short time after it. Jim and Rob would later go on to form the hardcore band Home 33.

The ep starts out with their best song called Everyday living that has a nice and slow tempo with a nice chorus. This is also the only song on the ep where it is possible to hear the lyrics. A damn shame since they had quite good lyrics (included in upload). Dont know if its because of the singer or the recording quality but the song Live and let live goes straight into the garbagebin thanks to it.
The last song has some nice guitars and a damn good drumbeat but i cant shake the feeling that i have heard this exact song before (is it a cover or a steal?).
An unknown band well worth downloading.

fredag 5 augusti 2011


Afte refusing to join myspace that everyone was apeshit about i joined it back in 2008. That same year every single person left it to join this new great thing called facebook. I swore an oath to never join another social network site in my life. Having antisocial tattooed on my skin and hanging around at those sites would only be bad for my image.

Years passed and my girlfriend, family, friends and makebelief online friends keept bugging me about joining so they could see what happened in my life. So i thought i would start a promotional site for this site that could be tweeked into promoting Bernando and his face in the book but got stopped at the doorstep. Appearently it was only ok if my name was Usofoi Ofsweden...... Now thats not exactly what i call userfriendly.
I wrote a letter to facebook, a little bit to energetic for someone who hates the site i know.

I hereby swear to never join this pitt of kissyfaced and lippyglozzed blonde girls and tribaltattooed arabs ever. I will also ignore any band who sends me an email telling me to "check them out at facebook".
Fucking students with their artsyfartsy social networks and whatnot.

torsdag 4 augusti 2011

The broadsiders - Against the world CD (2008)

01. Defence of Cales
02. Big boy
03. Seven pounds of pressure
04. Old country
05. Be your own hero
06. Victory

Selfreleased by the band in 2008.

Another great release by this Texas band. A bit more singalong friendly this time around but i still think their first release is the better one. Best songs on the record is the skinhead anthem Seven pounds of pressure and the football song dedicated to Dallas FC called Victory.
It can still be bought here:
Pure impact

onsdag 3 augusti 2011

The broadsiders - Take back the streets LP (2007)

01. Saints of violence
02. Coat of arms
03. Take back the streets
04. Mid-city martyrs
05. Halfway to Huntsville
06. Downtown
07. Booze, sex & breakin' necks

Released by Dim Records in late 2007

One of many great new bands to come out from Texas the last years. Though unlike many of the other bands such as No resistance and Roots of exile who supports Dynamo's this band supports the Dallas FC. A little bit of friendly hostility perhaps?
The band was started in 2006 by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Austin and Dan on lead guitar. The band has changed both bass players and drummers along the way but are still highly active and recording new songs for a new release as i am writing this. Today the band has Collin on bass and Trey on drums.

They play a rhytmic Oi! with heavy influences from the southern rock/country scene. I have mentioned this band a couple of times in a positive way for their rock'n'roll influenes in an age obsessed with Oi!core and streetpunk. And i still cant find nothing to complain about (impossible).

This was their first release and probably the hardest one to with my three favourite songs by the band namely Coat of arms and Take back the streets. Way more advanced than your average Oi! band. Other solid tracks on the record is the crucified anthem Mid-city martyrs and the rockin Booze, sex & breakin' necks.
A damn great first release.
It can still be bought here:
Dim Records

Pure impact