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söndag 21 augusti 2011

Rival - We got the right LP (1992)

01. 1991
02. We got the right
03. Outcast
04. Survive
05. Loser
06. Kick in the head
07. Street kids
08. Society
09. Dead and buried
10. Smash
11. Elite
12. We get the blame

Released by Force Majeure in 1992.

The bands first and best release. Most songs are far from extreme but if you have a bleeding heart or a prejudice black/white perspective on what politics are ok and what are not then dont download it.
The record came in 2 different versions if i remember correct this being the first one and then later released on CD by Rock-O-Rama. The cd version was cut down one song (the song Smash) for obvious political reasons (take a listen and you will understand).

Not that into the political extreme songs (more childish than brave oppinions if you ask me) but the the more pride and skinhead oriented songs are superb. Great songs are We get the blame, We got the right and the uberviolent Kick in the head. The last mentioned song is one of my favourite songs by any band from the early 90's.
Classic album with a classic Detroit sound.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I think that the Almighty Lumberjacks of Death where a much better band. Rival just really didn't do anything for me.


    Brian Guy

  2. ALD are legendary but this band is unknown by many people wich makes them even more intresting in my book. Also intresting that one can actually draw lines between the band ALD and Max Resist.