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måndag 29 augusti 2011

Templars - Return of Jacques De Molay CD (1994)

(Up: CD cover/Down: LP cover)
01. The templars
02. The sixties are over
03. New York
04. I believe in myself
05. Stand up... Speak out
06. Those who build this country
07. Sirens
08. Skinheads rule OK!
09. Pride
10. The city
11. Our generation
12. The waiting is over
13. This is not the first song
14. (Hidden track)

One of the most confusing records that has distorted my mind so much that i have actually bought 2 different issues through the years.
The original release didnt have these many tracks and was actually a demo called 1993 that Dim Records released on CD in 1994. That same version was later released on cassette tape by Carry on Oi! Records in Polen.
In 1999 it was re-issued by Dim Records on LP with some extra songs and also reissued by GMM Records and Templecombe in the states on cd with the same extra songs as the LP release. I own the LP version but uploaded the GMM CD version because of its superior soundquality (though i added the coverart for the LP in the upload).

History facts for underground nerds: Jacques De Molay was the Grand Master of the templars in the end of the crucades. After the crucades the catholic church was faced with the brutality and failure of the war and needed someone to blame.
The pope tricked Jacques into traveling to France where he was tortured into saying he was under the influence of satan and that he had denounced God and stepped on the cross. He later withdrew his pleadings explaining that he was tortured into admitting.
Because of this the church burned Jacques to death but before he died he allegdly cursed King Filip who died not shortly after. Also Filips 3 sons died shortly after taking the throne.
Standing up for their beliefs without showing any remorse for the sins of old times and being crucified for it...... where have i heard this before?

Been more busy than normal but i guess thats because i am now (after 10 years of hard labour) a student. Anything is more intresting than studying math or researching the flow of electricity haha.
This record was the big one for the band and earned them a big following outside of the states but also within. All songs on the record where written and recorded around 1992-1993 and are all of the highest quality. As a matter of fact its one of the most complete US recordings to date if you ask me.

A ton of instresting songs here but especially the song The templars. This song speaks about the spirit of the Templar knights but could have been named The skinheads and still carried the same message. Strong lyrics!

The sixties are over starts out with a flower power themed intro and carries a sixties feeling the whole song through. The theme is the same as many other bands, namely an anti-hippie song but for a band that seems to hate the 60's Templars sure knows their enemy and plays the era's music like there was no tomorrow.

Another intresting track is the song I believe in myself that is a song against religon. Some might think this is wierd for a band calling themselfs Templars but there you have it.

Other great songs are Skinheads rule OK!, the workingclass anthem Those who build this country and the hidden song that was on the GMM release.
Even with all the re-issues the record is sold out from almost everywere except:
Dim Records (the LP reissue)
Rebellion Records (the GMM CD issue)
Victory Records (the GMM CD issue)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Truly a modern day classic. One of the best records of the 90's. Strangely and sadly, I didn't discover this band untill a few years ago.

    I would love to read your review on the work they did with Ivano l'Terribile.

  2. The bonus song is Land of the Free Pt. 2.