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måndag 29 augusti 2011

Templars - Beauséant 7'' (1994)

01. A change from worse
02. Gunrunner
03. Vision of a future
04. No solution

Released on both CD and 7'' by Dim Records in 1994. Later re-released in 500 copies on red and orange wax in 2000.

History facts for underground nerds: The word Beauséant has two meanings. The Templars banner when marching into battle was called Beauséant but also their battlecry. It can be translated Be glorious.

Quite a heavy sound for the Templars with the track Gunrunner standing on top. Both the lyrics and the delivery are top notch and it all has a sound that i can miss no matter how much i like the bands new and softer sound.
Both No solution and Change from worse are quite depressing but at the same time realistic songs which displays the bands ability in writing great lyrics.
A classic EP that needs to be in every diehards collection.
The rare reissue can still be purchased here:
Dim Records (costs 15£ though)
Musicstack (Costs almost 30£ here)

4 kommentarer:

  1. According to Templars myspace page, the first press of the 7'' was on Orange vinyl, and the second on red vinyl (which I own)

  2. I also own the second print with red but according to Dim's store they are now selling "the orange wax from 2000). A bit confusing so i trusted Dim since they are the ones who printed them.

  3. hey i dont think this link is workin', it keeps sayin the file was deleted. just so you

    1. Hm wierd. I'll upload it again with the next bunch