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måndag 8 augusti 2011

Opposition - Everyday living 7'' (1992)

01. Everyday living
02. Live and let live
03. Times of the past

Released by Rescue Records in 1992.

A band that i had never heard of before but ordered it mainly because i saw two bomberjackets on the frontcover. Got it and thought oh hell when i noticed they where from New York and one of them had baggypants on. Got ready for a downbeat NYHC hell to come blasting out of the speakers but was greated by a nice and slow punkrock landing somewhere inbetween Rogues and later Warzone.

The band consisted of Eric Christian on vocals, Jim Marchall on bass, Scott Nichols on guitar and Rob Rodrigues on drums. This was the last release by the band (appearently they recorded some nine-track demo that could be bought by the members around this release) and they disbanded a short time after it. Jim and Rob would later go on to form the hardcore band Home 33.

The ep starts out with their best song called Everyday living that has a nice and slow tempo with a nice chorus. This is also the only song on the ep where it is possible to hear the lyrics. A damn shame since they had quite good lyrics (included in upload). Dont know if its because of the singer or the recording quality but the song Live and let live goes straight into the garbagebin thanks to it.
The last song has some nice guitars and a damn good drumbeat but i cant shake the feeling that i have heard this exact song before (is it a cover or a steal?).
An unknown band well worth downloading.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Sometimes basing a purchase on the jackets they wear is a good move hehe.

  2. @ Bernando (or anyone else who might know it): THANKS for this post, really good stuff, period; and now: I have a four way split LP called "CHAOS DAYS" (released by "NARAYAN RECORDS") that features the bands ROAD TO RUIN, THE RESIDUALS, DOWN & OUTS and also a band called (THE) OPPOSITION, last band is featured with four songs ("DRUNKEN VIOLENCE", "ONE BY ONE", "A NEW TOMORROW" and "THE OPPOSITION") that seem to be originally being released on a single 7'' of the band named "DOUBLE CROSSED". This (THE) OPPOSITION also used to come from NYC (even they played it more HC) and now I'm wondering if this could be the same band anyhow or so. Anyone a clue about it?!? (Btw, also a really good band, like the whole 4 way split LP is a pretty cool album.)
    - Manslaughter Andy

  3. I have that one to Andy. Must admit i have never listened to it though. Checking the back of the 4-way now i can see that the bandmembers dont fit. Must be another band. Thanks for reminding me i need to put a whole day away to rip records rip record :(

  4. Eric from Opposition went on to play with (heavier) bands such as Die 116, Kiss It Goodbye, and The Brought Low; and currently plays in a band called Made Out Of Babies.