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måndag 8 augusti 2011

V/A - Bernando says... Duck and cover Vol.1 (2011)

01. Basement boys - A change is gonna come (Sam Cooke cover)
02. Terminus city - Kid's in America (Kim Wilde cover)
03. The loose skrews - Livin' on a prayer (Bon Jovi cover)
04. Niblick henbane - Dreaming (Blondie cover)
05. Last laugh - Teenage kicks (The undertones cover)
06. The beltones - Concrete jungle (Bob Marley cover)
07. The bruisers - Rock around with Ollie Vee (Buddy Holly cover)
08. Smash points - People that died (Jim Carrol band cover)
09. The wretched ones - No more heroes (The stranglers cover)
10. Headwound - Leaving on a jetplane (Peter, Paul & Mary cover)
11. Limecell - Seeker (The who cover)
12. Empire falls - Some kinda hate (Misfits cover)
13. Moonstomp - Head kicked in (Fleetwood Mac cover)
14. Armed suspects - I'll never get out of this world alive (Hank Williams cover)
15. The booked - Pancho & Lefty (Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard cover)
16. Disorderly conduct - Saturday nights all right for fightin' LIVE (Elton John cover)
17. -Bonus track- Stoolsample - Tainted love (Gloria Jones cover)

Released as a free bootleg by Bernando Says (me) in 2011.

(Updated 27 April 2012: Uploaded the compilation again after being banned from Mediafire.)

I put this one together to pay tribute to the few bands out there that go beyond what you learn in Skinhead over night courses. Instead of making yet another tired version of the even originally awefull song Skinhead girl or doing an Oi! version of an Oi! song that was 10 times better before the cover. Basicly a comp for people that are tired of hearing new versions of Violence in the streets, Borstal breakout and other songs that chouldnt be covered in the first place.

Here we have a strange diversity of everything from 80's discohits and 60's soul to hippierock and countryballads all made new with an Oi! edge. Well Misfits might not really be something that original to cover but it is more the bands choice of song that made em put it on here.

Some of the songs are actually better than the original (that you can listen to by slicking the cover icon in the songlist) and some might not be anything great but atleast they try to break out of the mold.

Also be sure to check out the band Stool Sample that i put as a bonus. They dont really fit in on the site but since Rotger from The loose skrews used to play bass in the band i thought what the hell.

2 kommentarer:

  1. GREAT!!! Thanks for this one, brilliant idea, awesome result, keep it going, I'm looking forward for your comp # 02, thumbs up!!!
    -Manslaughter Andy

  2. Fucking wonderful. Loved the Loose Skrews doing Bon Jovi. The Only one I didn't like was the cover of Jim Carroll band's People who died.