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onsdag 3 augusti 2011

The broadsiders - Take back the streets LP (2007)

01. Saints of violence
02. Coat of arms
03. Take back the streets
04. Mid-city martyrs
05. Halfway to Huntsville
06. Downtown
07. Booze, sex & breakin' necks

Released by Dim Records in late 2007

One of many great new bands to come out from Texas the last years. Though unlike many of the other bands such as No resistance and Roots of exile who supports Dynamo's this band supports the Dallas FC. A little bit of friendly hostility perhaps?
The band was started in 2006 by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Austin and Dan on lead guitar. The band has changed both bass players and drummers along the way but are still highly active and recording new songs for a new release as i am writing this. Today the band has Collin on bass and Trey on drums.

They play a rhytmic Oi! with heavy influences from the southern rock/country scene. I have mentioned this band a couple of times in a positive way for their rock'n'roll influenes in an age obsessed with Oi!core and streetpunk. And i still cant find nothing to complain about (impossible).

This was their first release and probably the hardest one to with my three favourite songs by the band namely Coat of arms and Take back the streets. Way more advanced than your average Oi! band. Other solid tracks on the record is the crucified anthem Mid-city martyrs and the rockin Booze, sex & breakin' necks.
A damn great first release.
It can still be bought here:
Dim Records

Pure impact

2 kommentarer:

  1. Take Back The Streets was released on cd in 2007 by the band themselves. Uhl from Dim released it on vinyl for the guys in 2008 before Against The World was released. You can find copies of the cd floating around in Europe - definitely at Pure Impact and I think Adler-Versand in Germany has copies. You can find the lp on Interpunk.com, at Dim Records or any mailorder in Europe that will work with Dim. Working with Dim bit the guys in the ass in Europe, so they're working with Longshot Music in the United States now.

  2. Also at "BANDWORM RECORDS" they've used to sell this one back then on CD. Yes, it's true, they've got some problems in Europe, hm, or especially in Germany because of their working agreement with "DIM RECORDS" back in the days... anyway... Today they're working with "CONTRA RECORDS" over here and it's a good thing to see that at least some guys over here have the brain and the guts to judge by themselves and not by what the AFA PC crowd out there used to tell everyone.
    Cheers & Oi!
    - Manslaughter Andy