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lördag 27 augusti 2011

Bad assets - Demo (2009)

01. Wasted generation
02. Factory rat
03. Wednesday night warriors

Released as a free EP/Demo through their Reverb site in 2009.

Thanks to Chris V for pointing me in the right direction.

Detroit Oi! band that started in 2008 by Ralph on vocals (also sings in HC band Death in custody), Elbeau on bass (plays bass in Celtic folkband Carey's Company), Kid on guitar (plays in punkband D.A.) and Ali on drums. In 2010 Ali left the band and instead Kid's friend Jason from D.A. picked up the sticks.

After putting the band on hold for a while they are now back in 2011 and planing a full-length with some songs already recorded.

Nothing mindblowing about their sound or any of the members contribution to the band but an allover decent sound. First song on the demo is actually really good and catchy so i am looking forward to seing them release a full-length.

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  1. could this be re-upped? thanks man

  2. Will upload it later this week.