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lördag 20 augusti 2011

Rival (introduction)

A great but politically extreme Detroit band started around 1990 by Pat (to the far right in the pic) and his friend Sean (second from the left) who used to play in The unclean. Pat had just left Almighty lumberjacks of death after arguing with the rest of the band and was psyched to start something of his own with a heavier Oi!-sound. After doing some shows with 2 other members they decided to invite their friends Jim (far left) and Bill (second from right) from the band Rogues to replace the original members.
The lineup now was Jim on vocals and drums, Pat on bass and Sean and Bill both on guitars. This lineup would hold until the band broke up in 1995.

Even if they never meant to have Rival as a political band the bandmembers views slipped out into the lyrics more and more to the point of becoming extreme. Unlike most bands that get labeled as nazibands (Arresting officers, Best defence etc) this band didnt leave much for discussion and displayed their views both on records and in interviews.

The band released their first record on cassette through Force Majeure and later re-released it on both LP/CD through Rock-O-Rama (who also released their 2 later full-lengths).

The band sounded like a violent twinbrother to Rogues and since Jim and Bill played in them both Rogues has always had a bad political rep.

After the breakup in 1995 Jim went on to play drums in NS band Max Resist and Bill went on to form Liberty 37 and then later Rebel hell.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Bernando!!! That's GREAT, a BRILLIANT move!!! THANK YOU very much for doing this tribute to RIVAL up here!!! I love this band but I always only owned their stuff on self-made tapes (back in the days when we used to do tape trading instead of burning CD-R's or doing downloads, time goes by and with it we become old and grey;-)...) and you can't really listen to this tapes anymore these days and I have not a single clou where I could buy their records from still today so THANKS for this one and the comig/following posts. Like the ROGUES and also especially the ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH just an awesome band. Btw, we don't have to talk about MAX RESIST or discuss the 14/88 WP/NS esoteric occult Nazi Metal bullshit band REBEL HELL but LIBERTY 37 used to be also a great awesome band and after I can't find any informations about them and so my planned LIBERTY 37 tribute post seems not to happen anyhow maybe you will take care of this in the future anyway, too;-). Keep it going!!!
    Cheers & Oi!
    - Manslaughter Andy

  2. Sean from Rival was also in Max Resist, playing guitar at least on their 2nd album ('Second Skin') if nothing else. Just had to share haha. The Detroit scene always had a lot of those connections I guess.
    -- Matt from Never Wrong

  3. Sean played with Max Resist on Second Skin and Keep Fighting. On their 4th release he had left the band and the guys from Rebel Hell stepped in on the music end.