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onsdag 24 augusti 2011

Rival - Take it back CD (1995)

01. Grey day (Listen to the song)
02. Not long ago
03. We will win
04. Wattney's dream stout
05. Spirit of 67
06. Take it back
07. Heart of stone
08. New world order
09. American way
10. True white christian
11. New decade
12. Get'em out
13. In the pub
14. White magic

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1995.

First song called Grey day has that Rogues sound i was missing on their last album but with somewhat of a metal twist to it. It talks about modern society and all its wrongs but doesnt really give an alternative. The fact that the band in later songs sing about concentration camps i think i prefer the modern world order any day.

The song Wattney's dream stout is sort of a rock'n'roll partysong about some unknown beer that reminds me about early Close shave songs like Singalong shave, Rockin with Fluffy and When the weekend comes. Never tried it but it sounds good.

Spirit of 67
is a song about the race-riots in Detroit 1967. Even with the racial theme this is probably the best song on the album together with the patriotic anthem American way.

American RAC free of metal and hardcore like it should sound and even with the racial themes that im not so found of there are more great nonpolitical songs on these records than on most modern Oi! bands releases. Dont be scared to download them since you are as much of a nazi when listening to these as you are a rapist when listening to GG Allin.

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  1. Re-up this when you got the time? I can't seem to find it on slsk. Thanks a lot.