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fredag 5 augusti 2011


Afte refusing to join myspace that everyone was apeshit about i joined it back in 2008. That same year every single person left it to join this new great thing called facebook. I swore an oath to never join another social network site in my life. Having antisocial tattooed on my skin and hanging around at those sites would only be bad for my image.

Years passed and my girlfriend, family, friends and makebelief online friends keept bugging me about joining so they could see what happened in my life. So i thought i would start a promotional site for this site that could be tweeked into promoting Bernando and his face in the book but got stopped at the doorstep. Appearently it was only ok if my name was Usofoi Ofsweden...... Now thats not exactly what i call userfriendly.
I wrote a letter to facebook, a little bit to energetic for someone who hates the site i know.

I hereby swear to never join this pitt of kissyfaced and lippyglozzed blonde girls and tribaltattooed arabs ever. I will also ignore any band who sends me an email telling me to "check them out at facebook".
Fucking students with their artsyfartsy social networks and whatnot.

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  1. Well I don't want to convince you, but you can also create a similar page on facebook, not a profile, but for that you need a real profile too, although it could be for example your girlfriend's profile, and if you do it, it won't be shown that which profile made the page.This page will be only "like-able", you can't add people to friend list, they just can like your page.Secondly you can't get private messages, but you can upload music.Some label use it (Rebellion Records, Oi the boat etc.), and I also use it to my fanzine (but I won't advertise it here because you will ignore haha).
    So there's an alternative.But I respect everybody who choose not to join fb.

  2. In order to create a community page on facebook, you have to have an existing profile. the good part about it is that you can retain your anonymity on your community page if you so choose.


  4. I agree with you Bernardo, I hate face book all my friends keep on trying to talk me into it, but I really can't see the point already have enough people looking for me that I never want to hear from again.



  5. I created one of those through a friends account but since no one could add it to their friendlist i didnt really see the point.

    Brian Guy:
    Meet a childhood friend on a 3hour busstrip some time ago that didnt even know i was alive since i didnt have facebook. We talked the whole trip about what we had done after school and my guess is we wouldnt have anything to say to each other if we would have sent cupcakes and flowers to each other through facebook those missing years.


  6. I don't know how old you are, but to me all that Facebook, MySpace bullshit defines a generation--and it ain't mine, despite having been online for almost 17 years. If I need to look at stuff on one of those sites, I make up a fake account with a fake name, using a special email address I use for such occasions and forget about it after I get what I need. The whole social network phenomenon reminds me of some twit who tried to get as many people as possible to sign his high school yearbook and I'm guessing a lot of those idiots are still functioning at a high school level. I actually know a few guys who use the thing to get laid, but I somehow doubt my writing stile is going to be charming the pants off of anyone! I haven't used my real name online in many years and plan to keep it that way INDEFINITELY! Keep your dignity and stay away from it.

  7. I'm 29, have a girl and dont need any more friends than the few fuckfaced retards that hang around my flatt, yeah i'm looking at you.,,,, Dont worry poopy ill stay away.

  8. I allowed everyone to let myself being talked into Facebook after MySpace turned out to become a farce and I have to admit that I think it's pretty nice to get and to intense contact with old friends that moved away and live far away and so we just see us one or two times a year when they come back or I go there and so it's a really nice thing anyway to keep the contact at a good intense level without paying a dime for it. But it's true, this whole superficial "Who's got the biggest d**k/the longest 'friends' list?!?" truly shows what's all that much wrong with the younger generations growing up and following "us" up sooner or later one day, because it's mindless bullshit by and for mindless fakes, period. For bands this whole stuff is on the one side a good thing because to promote themselves even on a global level is pretty easy and totally not-/un-expensive, but when I see on the other side bands that seem only to exist at Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. pp. it shows also what's going totally wrong out there today. And really big players are the guys that seem to need to post every single stupid thing they do at a day up at Facebook at their current status' messages... not to talk about all this jackasses who can't greet ya when you see them walking down the street next to you but that want nothing more than to become Facebook "friends" with you... Get a life, a real life, all you idiots out there!!!
    Cheers & Oi!
    - Manslaughter Andy