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tisdag 16 augusti 2011

The cuffs - Bottoms up LP/CD (1998)

01. Getting smashed
02. Enemy
03. Too much confusion
04. John L. Sullivan (Bare knuckle fighter)
05. No more
06. The time has come
07. Hit the streets
08. Red, white and blue
09. Bottoms up
10. March on
11. Down with 'em all
12. When the sun goes down
13. Vision
14. Turn it up
15. Punks not dread
16. Forgotten soldier
17. Worth waiting for

Released by Radical Records in 1998. And later re-issued in 2002.

Have it on LP but upload the CD version i downloaded since its superior to the result after i have tried to rip it with Audacity.

Not only does this record offer a gangsta-rap proportion of songs but the majority of them are actually really fucking great. The band reminds me a lot of The boils (whom the band was friends with) and there are a lot of early British Oi! influences but tweeked into a typical US streetoi! sound (Drinking and driving anyone?). Majority of the songs makes you want to see the band play them live (isnt to often i feel that way).
A big goldstar goes out to their bassist Cook who has a great voice and really shines on the songs where he takes the mic (Punks not dread).

The songs are to many on this LP to disect and analyze but as usual i have marked the ones of intrest with red but be sure you dont miss No more, Hit the streets, Bottoms up and Punks not dread.
Still available on vinyl and cd at Interpunk.

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