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onsdag 31 augusti 2011

Templars & Glory stompers - Split LP (1995)

01. Glory stompers - Kids of today
02. Glory stompers - Luck wasnt his friend
03. Glory stompers - We're here to stay
04. Templars - Concrete grave
05. Templars - Easy way out
06. Templars - No future, no escape

Released by Knock Out Records in 1995. Has never been reissued.

Limited and rare release that i can guess would wear a high pricemark if sold by a collector today. I have never found it but got it sent in digital format by fellow Swede Pelle.

The cream of the crop from US and Canada. Glory stompers play a slow and bass-slapping Oi! that works great as a slower A-side to Templars more rocking and uptempo B-side.

For you who never heard about Glory stompers before you might still find the sound familuar. This is because their singer Greg later went on to sing for two more known Canadian Oi! bands, namely Subway Thugs and Alternate Action.
Matt sounds incredibly raw when he sings but to me thats just positive. As great as the Templars side is i think Luck wasnt his friend is the top track on the split. Heavy supporter drums and a slow slapping bass gives it an eary feeling that is hard to come by these days.

Templars delivers three solid tracks with both music and lyrics that are well thought through. Best one here is No future, no escape (just have to love that guitar in the beginning).
(After this Templars released a split EP with 90 Proof that i have already uploaded here)

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