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torsdag 1 september 2011

Templars & Lower class brats - Split 7'' (1997)

01. Templars - Modern day ripper
02. Lower class brats - We cant' be beaten

Released by TKO Records in 1997 on orange/black vinyl and also a limited number on picture disc.

My guess is both bands obsession with the movie Clockwork Orange and the culture that surrounds it was the reason for the split (me myself have always been more of a Blade Runner kind of guy though). Templars deliver as usual and even if Lower class brats play a kind of music that i dont usually like i have always had some respect for the band.
A band that looks like they just crawled out of a clothingbin at your closest Red Cross and play streetpunk (and actually call it that themselfs) can easily be overlooked by tough and badass Oi!heads like myself. Though i must say they have some quite good songs and the one on the split being one of them (cowbells cant go wrong). Its not as if i have collected every EP the band has ever done but i will feature the band sooner or later on the site (probably later than sooner though).

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  1. "We Can't Be Beaten" is a Rose Tattoo cover, son.