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söndag 25 september 2011

Templars - Outremer (2005)

01. Forever young
02. True to the cause
03. Frontline
04. On the edge
05. Own free will
06. Situation critical
07. A friend
08. Alone in a crowd
09. Lost & found
10. Nowhere fast
11. PC muscles
12. On my own

-Also added 3 extra tracks that wasnt on any of the pressings-

13. Dawns early light
14. Livsstil (Agent Bulldogg cover)
15. For a while

Released by GMM Records on cd in 2005 and then later re-issued on picture LP by Randale Records in 2007 (the version i have).

A true showing how much i view records as collectors items more than something to listen to is that i didnt understand i had the wrong songlist to this record untill a week ago. Yet i have owned the LP for some years now. I remember downloading the record online and then later buying it on LP. The version i downloaded had 15 songs on it and i thought that was the correct
tracklisting but then i checked the LP that had been collecting dust and realised that it only had 12 tracks.
Anyway i upload the extra songs i thought was on it since this has always been Outremer for me.

History facts for underground nerds:
Outremer is old French and means "Overseas". This was the common name that was given to the crusader states around Jerusalem. Basicly anything that wasnt on the border to France was called Outremer. For instance the French king Louis IV was called "Louis d'Outremer because he was born in England.

The album consists of songs recorded from 1999 to 2003 and has a nice mixed sound. Sure it might lack some of the old raw and brutal sound but asking a band to sound the same after more than 10 years active is just stupid. A well played and mature sound basicly.

I feel comfortable when listening to the album and checking through the sleevephotos. Not only do i see familuar faces from my own country and some known faces from UK but the whole feeling on the record feels much like a dedication to the bands friends and "fanbase".
Sure some songs are utter garbage (Alone in a crowd and A friend) but Templars post-Y2K sound is something that grows on you the more you listen to it.

The three extra songs i added (and always believed was on the album) are all top songs to with the Swedish-friendly flirt on Dawns early light and the English traslated version of the old classic Swedish Agent Bulldogg song Livsstil.

No matter if they play aggropunk like before (Violence etc) or the later Rolling Stones/The who inspired mod-rock they always seem to do it well enough to keep me as a loyal fanatic.

This is as far as i go in the Templars discography for now but will post some later albums in the future. (33 Templars posts.. damn)
Still for sale at these distros:
Oi! Aint Dead
Dim Records
Pure Impact
Victory Records
Rebellion Shop
North Records

8 kommentarer:

  1. I never realised how much The Templars have released. I mean they are almost up there with Unholy Grave or Agathocles with releases.

    Brian Guy

  2. Removed your comment Anonymous.
    I dont support giving away brand new releases by artists.
    Buy new stuff and support the scene. Dont be a cunt.

  3. Thought I would give you a hand and let you know that your track listing is wrong. Here's some helpful info:

    - Nowhere Fast si from the split with Crashed Out
    - Dawn's Early Light is from the French Connection 7 inch
    - Anonymous is missing from the album

    As for the tracks PC Muscles, Livsstil, and For A While, I have no idea where they come from.


  4. Oops, just saw that you posted the Crashed Out split and French COnnection 7 inch. Sorry about that.


  5. I was fucking angry and still are if I think about it that I bought it from Randale Records. But the first and greatest song, Frontline failed, the needle just jump through it and there's just pieces which I can listen clearly. I've got two other records like it, I don't know what's wrong with them that brand new, never played vinyls are shit.
    Oh, and before Frontline there's an intro... OF COURSE it has no problem but just Frontline has... fuck them!

  6. Coimbra: Haha i know the feeling. My guess is that they hate you and want to see you dead.
    Got the same thing going with Koi Records. Every single EP i have bought from them skips like hell but no one else seems to have problems with them... fuck them!

  7. If a LP is damaged im sure you get a new one if you ask.Also im sure they don´t know that the vinyl is damaged.

    Perhaps they have let it press in czech(beer drinkers haha)republic...

  8. MCAfee says this download is infected!

    At Pure Brickwall it says nothing...