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torsdag 22 september 2011

Templars & Devilskins - Split 7'' (2001)

01. Templars - Last time
02. Devilskins - Simone de Locarno
03. Devilskins - La tua rivolta

Released by Oi! Strike in 2001.

Never bought it and never really searched for it. Cant really see anything good with this release.

Templars side is a weak attempt to make some 60's ballad rock but the poor quality of the singing and production just makes it weak. Is it just me or does even Phil even skip a couple of beats in the song?

Devilskins delivers one of the most missplaced and noisy guitarparts i have ever heard on any song in the start of Simone de Locarno. Painfull and bad. I am blushing.

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