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söndag 18 september 2011

Templars with Stomper 98 & Vortex - The I.S.P. Connection 10'' (2000)

01. From Göttingen to New York
02. Robert "Modeskin" (Vortex cover)
03. Real enemy (The business cover)
04. Bring back the skins (Judge Dread cover)
05. Arme armee (Die Lokalmatadore cover)
06. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)

Released by Cargo Music in 2000.

A selfproclaimed "All-star project" with Templars, Stomper 98 and some members from old Vortex. I am a big fan of the early German Rock-O-Rama years but Vortex is probably my least favourite band from that time, add to that that this socalled allstar team fills the 10'' with covers of such cliché songs as Bring back the skins, Violence in our minds and Real enemy.

It was missing from my collection so i bought it anyway some years ago in vintage. When i got it i first noticed that the former owner had missplaced the insert's so all i got was the vinyl and the cover. When i put it on i noticed that Carl didnt even sing on most of the songs and most of them where in German with sleazy saxophone in the background on every fucking track.
Out of all the releases by Templars this is the one you can still find for sale at most distros. Probably cause it isnt a Templars release. Buy some real good German sung classics by OHL, Böhse onkelz (early stuff), Endstufe or some of the great newbands such as Kampfzone but dont waste your cash on this garbage.

6 kommentarer:

  1. I am with you on this one, i normally like S98 but apart from the first song, this split/project more or less sucks. "Real enemy" is a Business cover though as I'm sure you know (and that cover is a fucking rape).


  2. Thanks for the heads up on that one.
    Worst of them all must be the Judge dread cover though.

  3. Arme Armee is a cover of German Punk Band "Die Lokalmatadore"

  4. What does 'ISP' mean? I never figured it out.

  5. No clue. A friend claims it means "International Super Power" but i i highly doubt that