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torsdag 22 september 2011

Templars - Reconquista 1994-1998 CD (2002)

01. Running out of time
02. Victim
03. War heros
04. Bovver boy
05. Easy way out
06. Concrete grave
07. No escape
08. No rhyme nor reason
09. Politicians
10. Stick to your guns
11. Another one
12. Just like them
13. Night of the seagulls
14. Never fade away
15. It aint right (Oppressed cover)

Released by GMM Records in 2002.

History facts for underground nerd:
Reconquista basicly means reconquest and is used to describe the years inbetween early 8th century and the late 15th century when various christian groups (The franks, Arian Christians etc.) reconquered old muslim areas in the Iberian kingdom.
The bands Reconquista didnt last for 800 years though, only 1994-1998.

A mixture of songs taken from compilations, EP's and splits during 94-98.

The record that showcases why Templars isnt only one of the longrunners in the US scene but also the kings without a crown.
The record is filled to the brim with classics and unreleased gems such as Night of the seagulls, Carry your guns, Bovver boy, Never fade away and Easy way out.
If it would have been new material it would have been a sure 10/10 but since the majority of the songs has been re-released some times now its welldeserved of a penalty point.
Can still be bought at:
Angry, young & poor
Victory records
Rebellion shop

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