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fredag 2 september 2011

Templars - La noche de los gabiotas 7'' (1997)

01. Just like them
02. Night of the seagulls

Released by Headache Records in 1997. First in red, white and plain black wax but later re issued in a less limited yellow wax.

(Got this record from Jukebox for the unstable some years ago so dont go thanking me.)

History facts for underground nerds: La noche de los gabiotas is Night of the seagulls in Spanish. The name is taken from an old 1975 horrorflick that was written by Amando de Ossioro. It was just one in a long serie of movies that Amando did with the "dead templars seeking revenge" theme. The best one in the serie (and the one you should watch) is La noche del terror ciego "aka Tombs of the blind dead" from 1971.
Note that the templars in these movies drank human blood and sacrificed people to the devil in search for a life after death. I wasnt around so i shouldnt speak but i dont think this is how it went down.

A solid release with my alltime favourite Templars song on it, namely Night of the seagulls. If you manage to plow through the cheesy and sometimes painfully dated movies by Amondo de Ossiorio and read up on some of the truths surrounding the old order the lyrics are easier to understand. Even if you dont give a crap about the lyrics you still have a great song to listen to here. Great backup singing and and a great rhythmic section. The song was later released on the Reconquista CD in 2002.

The a-side features the skinhead anthem Just like them. A great song with Carl singing his tonsils out when delivering positive and peaceful lyrics like "Shaven heads, tattooed arms, they say that we don't belong/Fuck their views, fuck their laws. Destroy, fucking destroy - oh yeah"
Sold out from everywhere.

2 kommentarer:

  1. My personal favorite Templars 7". I've found this 7" here in Brazil and bought it for only US$ 10, in NM conditions

  2. A steal at that price i think.
    Did see one on ebay a while ago and think it went for 30$. A bit to pricy for me since i have it ripped and scanned on my computer.