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söndag 11 september 2011

Templars - Omne datum optimum (1998)

01. You decide
02. Boredom
03. Guardian angel
04. Templars Intro
05. The templars
06. The waiting is over
07. They dont care
08. Cowards
09. Straight to hell
10. These four walls
11. Victim
12. My saving grace

Released on CD and LP by GMM Records in 1998.

History facts for underground nerds: "Omne datum optimum" is latin and can be translated "The perfect gift". The name comes from a papyrus that the pope signed. It stated that all spoils of war from muslim lands would go to the Order of Templars. The writing also gave the Templars other rights like the right to build their own churches and graveyards where only Templars was allowed to be burried.

A big leap from their older sound. First time i heard it i questioned their glamrock influences and some of the guitarparts (steals) on songs like Guardian angel but as years pass by i have come to love the sound featured here. Dont know if its me turning as grey as the eyebrows i pluck or if its maturing but i like the softer more ballad focused songs like My saving grace and the poprock influenced song Boredom.
Superb album.
Still for sale at Rebellion shop but sold out from most other distros.

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