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lördag 3 september 2011

Templars - 1118-1312 10'' (1998)

01. D.M.V.
02. Land of the morning calm
03. Skins & punks
04. The glory it once was
05. Shades of grey
06. Chanson de geste

Released as a 10'' by Do A Runner Records in 1998 in around 1000 copies. Later in 1998 also released on CD with 3 extra tracks added. The 3 extra tracks where recorded from a liveshow in 1997.

History facts for underground nerds: The albums title refers to the rise and fall of the templar order. The order was created by the veterans Hugues de Payens and his relative Godfrey de Saint-Omer in 1918 to protect the pilgrims traveling to the holy land.
Even if the order was hunted and arrsted in early 14th century it wasnt until 1312 that they where officially dissolved in writing.
The last track on the record called Chanson de geste is French for "songs of heroics deeds" and was popular around 11th century.

Another great release by the band and has one of Templars most talked about songs on it. The song is The glory it once was and is a nationalistic anthem against immigration and sending aid to foreign countrys. The track is (intentionally?) followed by the song Shades of grey about people branding and pointing fingers at "the enemy" with lyrics like "In a constant quest for simplicity/They're easy prey for demagoguery/Some things defy logic no matter what you say/Real life's not black and white but many shades of grey". The song deliver a sober and for me likeminded view on politics that should be shared by more bands today.
Less political fractions and MORE fencewalking please. Putting a badge on the bomber dont make you tough if your friends all share your views.
One thumb up for a superb record and another one up for the fact that Templars still play Glory it once was at shows.

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