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måndag 5 september 2011

Wellington arms - Valencia DEMO (2011)

Interrupting the soon to be epic Templars discography for the latest demo from Wellington Arms.
Still an American band but now staitoned in Spain they have been working on a lot of new material that will be released on a 14-track full-length if all goes well. To give us a taste of what will be comming they jumped into the studio for 45 minutes to record these samples (low quality but according to the new housegod of oi! called Lars Fredriksen thats how it is done correctly).
Thanks to only a short time in the studio and their drummer moving back to New York it might take some time for a complete release with proper production values but i'll wait.

Both We're young and International lover are superb songs in that rockin Wellington arms way but knowing they are unmastered they feel more like a topless tease than the real deal. Have heard some other songs they have recorded in Valencia and can say with ease that a proper album will blow the socks of anyone sharing my taste in music.
Included the lyrics in the upload (by the way wonder who that Swedish girl mentioned in the first song is).

4 kommentarer:

  1. They are still U.S. based despite the name of the demo.

  2. From what i know eric now lives in spain so think bernando is correct on this one.

  3. could this be re-uploaded thanks man