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onsdag 21 september 2011

Templars - The horns of Hattin CD (2001)

01. Intro
02. Video age
03. Heroin street
04. Shift the blame
05. Nowhere to play
06. Consequences
07. Enemies
08. Breakdown
09. Lies
10. Demagogue
11. Ockhams razor
12. Backstreet kids (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by GMM Records on CD in 2001.

History facts for underground nerds:
The horns of Hattin are two vulcanos overlooking the village of Hittin in Israel. It is said that it was here that the templars fought and lost their major battle against the muslim forces occupying the region.

The tracklisting on the back of the CD says its only 10 songs but i have cut and devided the first song into an intro and the song and also the last song that had the "hidden" Skrewdriver song after 24 minutes of silence following the song Ockhams razor (why even do that?).
If i didnt have this record on cd i would have thought that i had picked the wrong RPM when playing it. Templars seem way slower than on earlier releases. This is not a bad thing though but on songs like Ockhams razor Carl sounds so pitched down that i even searched for a pitch funtion on my CD player.

Some really great songs can be found here in the rac'n'roll smelling track Breakdown, the lyricly intresting Demagogue (does anyone know who this song is dedicated to) and also one of the few uptempo songs on the record Enemies.

It's also nice to hear an excellent cover of Backstreet kids.
Cant find it in any distros but available at ebay.

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