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måndag 26 september 2011

The booked - Demo (2005)

01. Keep up your guns
02. Barratry in Oak Park
03. The next crusade
04. Taking it back
05. Shut down the NEA

Got this demo sent to me by thedeadcomedian (many thanks) who i think got it from the singer Trey Garcia.

Remember The Booked? The softoi sounding band who released a great CD and a split with Squiggy in early '00. I have always thought the band dissapeared in 2001 (i know some members went to play in Capital Crimes) but somehow i missed out on a lot. The band actually keept recording some songs and "released" this demo around 2005.

Continued to look for some other info on them and realised that they where actually still together! As a matter of fact they have just finished recording new songs some months ago.

The only thing that annoyed me with their old album was the lack of intresting subjects and lyrics. Seemed that every song was about being tough and workingclass and active in workers rights (the last thing i want to listen to after working hard labour for a week).

Seems a lot has happened with both their sound and lyrics on the way. They are probably still a bluecollar band and they probably all work hard all week but this time around they dont feel the need to talk about it in their songs.

They still play a sort of softoi mixed with rock'n'roll (think Hudson falcons) but with a lot more diversity in both lyrics and the pure sound of their songs.

Best songs ont the demo are The next crusade (patriotic war-anthem), Shutdown the NEA (about weeding out liberal teachers with political agendas) and Barratry in Oak Park (aint got a clue what its about but it rocks).

Dont know if its just me but shouldnt these guys have a record deal by now!?!?! Stop handing out "4 records a year" to old and tired MTV punks/reformed football hooligans and give these old fucks a shot at fame instead. Seems a bit of that a great sounding band only gets to release a record every 12th year or something.

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  1. He's a skinhead rockstar, dont mess with mr. Old firm casual.


  2. The Booked are great, glad to hear they're still playing!