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måndag 19 september 2011

Templars - Milites templi 7'' (2000)

01. Violence
02. Carry on

Released by TKO Records in 2000.

History facts for underground nerds:
Just like Omne datum optimum the Milites Templi was an order signed by the pope to give the templars free hands to further their cause. Milites templi is latin and means "Soldiers of the temple" and was a call to civilians to support the templars in any way they could. It was issued in 1144.

A superb EP displaying Templars ability to play both harder and softer songs.
The ep starts of with Violence that is a heavy battering-ram of violent soundwaves directed at the listeners ears. It might not have the most advanced lyrics but it does its job well.

On the b-side they slow down and bring the layed back song Carry on that is more on the ballad side of the Templars sound. First time i heard this song i thought it sounded more painfull than good but after the years went by i can easilly say this is one of my favourite songs by the band.
Super EP!
Pops up on Ebay from time to time but sold out from all distros i know of.

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