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onsdag 7 september 2011

Templars - Dans les catacombes LP (1997)

01. Police informer
02. Dead end politics
03. Skinheads alright
04. Computerized work force
05. Aunt gota clue
06. News of the night
07. The sixties are over
08. Doing the dirty
09. The templars
10. Subculture kid
11. Raving idiots
12. New breed (Iron Cross cover)
13. I believe in myself
14. World war III
15. My revenge
16. Teenage warning (Angelic Upstart cover)
17. Victim

Released on LP by Vulture Rock Recordings in 1997 and later re-issued on CD by the same label the year after (the version i uploaded here).

History facts for underground nerds: "Dans les catacombes" basicly means "In the catacombs". Probably a reference to the fact that these songs are old demos and recordings from 93-95 that the band picked out for the release.

A collection of songs from 1993-1995 that didnt make it onto releases or early versions of songs that made it. Probably my least favourite Templars release ever much thanks to the bad quality on most songs. Majority of the songs where later or earlier released in better quality.
It is still possible to find some real gems on here like the anti-techno song Raving idiots and the Iron cross cover.
LP can still be bought at Vulture rock.

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