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måndag 19 september 2011

Templars - Biaus seignors freres CD (2000)

01. East side boys - The oi! years (West side boys cover)
02. East side boys - L'Unite
03. TNT - Laboro (Nabat cover)
04. Sons of acre - Cries of yesterday
05. Templars - Just another rebel
06. Templars - Unemployed again
07. Templars - Hopeless
08. Templars - The only way out
09. Templars - Terror tactics

Released by TKO Rekords in 2000 as a 10'' vinyl and CD.

A cd with various Templars sideprojects and the songs that Templars had on the Oi! this is dynamite compilation as a B-side.

Starting of is their projects with Riton from West side boys. Carl sings on the first song and the second song has Riton doing the vocals. The first is a great song first recorded by West side boys and sung in Frensh but unlike most other times this cover is actually better than the original song (probably because i finally understand the lyrics).

Second band is TNT that had Carl and Phil teaming up with Ivano from Italian Devilskins (also used to play in Asociale i think). Also this one is a cover but a quite lame cover when compared to the raw and brutal sound that the original had.

Third sideproject is Sons of acre that consisted of Carl and Phil and Aaron Trumbo on bass (Plays for Las Vegas band Yesterdays heroes). A great song that sounds quite templarish.

The compilation Oi! this is dynamite was released back in 1994 so expect some fast early templars sound on the last songs. All good but Just another rebel takes the price here. Damn thats a good song.
Can be bought from AL-Outlet for 22$ otherwise try Ebay.

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  1. Aaron Trumbo is from the band Yesterdays Heroes from Las Vegas