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söndag 4 september 2011

Templars - Phase II CD (1997)

01. Intro
02. Pawns in their game
03. City traffic
04. Kids of today
05. You're free
06. Eastern Europe
07. Freedom has it's price
08. Their plan
09. Worth my while
10. Make your mark
11. I still remember
12. Waiting for the blood to flow
13. Push and shove
14. Dont do anything at all
15. Land of the free

Was originally supposed to be released by Dim Records after their 1994 full-length but because of political issues between the label and the government (it was ridiculous) it never got released. Anyway in 1997 the problems where over and the album was released on CD by Dims in europe and then tightly followed by an American LP release through Vulture Rock Records in 1998. Later on it was also re-issued by GMM on CD.

The original Dims release had a Templar knight on the cover, the Vulture LP had a comixcover drawn by the artist ALTEAU. The version i have uploaded is the more common release by GMM that has an image from the movie Tomb of the dead as a cover.

The song where recorded straight after their Return of Jacques De Molay record around 1994-1995 but the sound is not really that simulair. More guitar masturbation (which is actually a good thing when talking about Templars) and a bit more political ant antigovernment lyrics. Most songs on the record are great but sadly enough many of them sound the same so only a few really stand out. With that said its still miles ahead of most other Oi! being released today.
My own favourites on the record is the superb instrumental into, Pawns in their game, Waiting for the blood to flow and Dont do anything at all (where they to my happinnes once again denounce anyones idea about Templars being a religeous band). The track that stands out though is the song I still remember that has some of the best guitarplay on any Templar song and Carl softening up his otherwise quite rough voice.
Record can still be bought at:
Vulture Rock

Victory Records
Rebellion shop

Indie Merchstore

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