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torsdag 30 september 2010

Lyrics for The executioner by Cut throat

Grab a sharp axe and a black mask. Off with the heads of the living dead. Just takes one swing to make it come clean. You feel the thrill as you cut to kill.

Ready aim fire! That´s life you´re the Executioner. Ready aim fire! No mercy you´re the Executioner. Ready Aim Fire! His duty you´re the Executioner. Ready aim fire! Say goodbye you´re the Executioner.

Dawn at the gallows gonna let´em go. Blank stare as you pull the chair. Swingin´ from a rope you got no hope.A slow death as it takes your breath.

Ready aim fire! That´s life you´re the Executioner. Ready aim fire! No mercy you´re the Executioner. Ready Aim Fire! His duty you´re the Executioner. Ready aim fire! Say goodbye you´re the Executioner.

I want to watch you die, I´m gonna end your life. I want to wave goodbye,
I´m gonna say, say goodbye...

Put´em in the chair they say it just ain´t fair. Pull the switch on the son of a bitch. Smell the burnt skin with a little grin. Like the fun ´cause I like´em "well done".

Ready aim fire! That´s life you´re the Executioner. Ready aim fire! No mercy you´re the Executioner. Ready Aim Fire! His duty you´re the Executioner. Ready aim fire! Say goodbye you´re the Executioner.

Cut throat - American nightmare

01. The executioner
02. Dead or alive
03. Shed no tears
04. Grips of fear
05. Lost control
06. Fugitive
07. Loaded dice
08. Forever sail away
09. Darkest hour
10. Cut throat

Released by Resistance Records in 2003.

In no way does this band have anything to do with Bohdans band from Cleveland that has the same name. The people that know about Resistance Records can probably guess what kind of persons are in this band and as i have said before there will be no extreme political bands (right/left) on my page unless they really have something to do with the scene history. This most because i am from Sweden and the site being about American punk i have no place in putting a political label on any other nations scene.
The label aside and the members political beliefs aside this record is nothing extreme. The band was started by Tom and Roy that are behind such bands as Final war, Warfare 88, Aggressive force, White knuckle driver, The old souls and Powerhouse. This is the only release they had before going back to making songs about killing blacks, keeping the most racially diverse country purely white and othernot so intellectual lyrics that can be found in the US hatepunk scene.

The sound is far from RAC or Oi! and can probably be best described as a mix of Brutal attack and Misfits (really, really simulair to Danzig in the vocal department) but mixing it with uptodate modern "skinheadlyrics" and it all feals really innovative and fresh. Sure from a band that has facist and nazi members (or whatever they are i really dont care) it has some nationalistic lyrics and a lot of critical lyrics to todays political climate but not any more then your runnofthemill US Oi!band.

Both the first and the last songs are a bit harder with really violent vigilante lyrics and this is where i like them the most. On other tracks like Shed no tears and Fugitive they sound more like a punkier Danzig (also being one of the few bands that actually pull it off without sounding retarded). Darkest hour and Grips of fear they have some lyrics that can be interpreted in many ways depending on the listeners political views but to me they are just great songs.

Since Resistance Records probably wants to exterminate "niggerlovers" and "ZOG-slaves" like me i wont do no promotional work for the distros that sell it but be sure to download and listen to it i promice this aint no brainwashing scheme by the right just a great record.

söndag 26 september 2010

Brassic & Whiskey Devils + 2 bands

Celebrating their (finally) printed vinyls soon to hit stores.

lördag 25 september 2010

Niblick Henbane - ...and we fall (2007)

01. We dont want to play
02. Future
03. Danny's song
04. Tallahassee lassie (Freddy Cannon cover)
05. From you
06. Andy bought a gun
07. Whats your deal?
08. Angel (The pretenders cover)
09. Hoodlum
10. America
11. Life over the edge
12. Henry (Hermans Hermits cover)
13. Fair odds
14. Going down the bar
15. Icy cold
16. First song
17. All you've earned
18. ...and we fall
19. Hippy nightmare
20. Beethoven 88
21. Grief i don't need (Live)
22. Mommy's boy (Live)
23. Public menace (Live)

This extended version was released by Disconnected Records in 2007.

A great collection of the bands early stuff (basicly all you got to have if your not a collector) and even if the label dont release much its always good when they release it (the label also released a simulair record with Almighty Lumberjacks of deaths early stuff and also a great Headstrong release.).

Since i have already uploaded and reviewed half of the content on this record its mostly their demostuff i will review.

Tracks 1-4 are from the NJ Oi! 7'' from 1990.
Tracks 5-8 are from the What's your deal!? 7'' from 1991.
Tracks 9-12 are from the Land of the brave 7'' from 1993.

Track 13 is their first released song and it was featured on Headache Records 1988 compilation called New Jersey and you perfect together that also had New republic and The burnt in their "glory days". Its a cocky battleanthem with the chorus "Twenty of us and fourty of you is fair Oi! Oi!".

Tracks 14-16 are a bit more gritty and dirty and are from way back in 1988 from their demo called Fuck you get drunk go die. This demo has Armen from The wretched ones on bass and it contains 2 songs that i never really unerstood if its Wretcheds or Henbanes songs. The tracks are Going down the bar and First song. Both these songs where played by the bands backin the 80's and then later re-released on both bands fulllengths. Both bands claim the songs as their own so i never really understood who is cover who or if its all in the family.

Track 17 is from a 1991 demo and it has Brian on vocals. The song is basicly the song Roomate but with other lyrics. The (i have no idea how to say this in English) music is the same. Anyway a great song.

Tracks 18-20 is where it really gets ugly. This is from another demo back in 1988 and my guess is its their first one. Its a bit harder then most other things they have done but the quality of the songs puts down any listening pleasure. Looking through the booklet i find the lyrics for Hippy nightmare to be really entertaining but listening to the song i cant really hear anything enjoyable just a tired and probably extremly drunk Harpo sluddering words off hippybashing.

Last 3 song are all livesongs from from 1987. These actually sound better then the demosongs from 1988 and that says pretty much about their recording equipment back in the days.

This is a great record that you should own containing some nerdy bandhistory from both Larry's and Harpo's viewpoints, 3 good EPs and a whole lot of tracks that you cant get anywhere else. The last time i checked they where a 3-piece band with loose members but what i know they are still going strong. Larry now plays in Old towne toughs but i think he is still an active member in Niblick.
As new as this record is its actually already sold out from most stores but they can still be found here so be sure to pick it up:
Disconnected Records
Dim records
TKO Records
Rebellion Shop
Angry young and poor
CD Universe

söndag 19 september 2010

Niblick henbane performing Going down the bar

Niblick henbane performing the old Going down the bar with Armen from The wretched one's on vocals and Bill from Those unknow on guitar. The clip is from a gig at The Pipeline in 1997. Thanks to NoPawn for the originl upload.

Niblick henbane - Go away (2000)

01. One in a million
02. Bonehead
03. Go away
04. Happy happy Oi! Oi!
05. Wake up
06. Dont't tread on me
07. Grin & bear it
08. Where's Lew?
09. How it goes
10. Old hat
11. Dreamin'

Released by TKO Records in 2000 and later re-released in 2005.

Nothing new in the lineups here but about a year before this was released Harpo injured his leg really bad and didnt do any shows with the band for a while but as far as i know (and hear) its him singing on all tracks.

This is a bit of a matured record with a bit of a more "mainstream" sound. With mainstream i dont mean radiorock or collegepunk its only a bit clearer sound with less aggression and more Happy Happy Oi Oi songs.

The best song on the record must be Go away that has a nice antisocial attitude that i now i can relate to many times (to be honest i often turn of my phone when i get home from work).
The musicaly best song is Wake up with great guitars and just like most of the other songs i get reminded about Patriot on some parts.
Who's Lew? I dont know but the hatelove track they did about him sure is good.
Record is availible for purchase at these distros:
TKO Records
CD Universe

fredag 17 september 2010

Niblick henbane live at Passaic NJ in 1988.

This was when the band was new and as charming as it might be it sounds fucking awefull. The show supposedly ended in a riot haha.

Niblick henbane - Happy happy Oi! Oi! (1995)

01. Roomate
02. NJ Oi!
03. One more beer
04. Whats your deal?
05. Fair odds
06. I like it dead
07. Marty's song
08. Wild weekend
09. Crime with a gun
10. Sex offender
11. Patriot
12. Icy cold
13. Angel (The pretenders cover)

Released by Headache records in 1996 (but the band claims it was released in 1995 so i dont know)

Joey D left the band because of tension between the band and his girlfriend and in stepped Chad to pick up the drumsticks. Chad was their twelth drummer since starting back in the 80's and he is still their drummer today.

Their first full-lenght and probably their most wellknow record. It is mainly new tracks but also contains some old demo and comp tracks from 88 all remade for this release. Also contains 2 songs from the record Brian sang on but this time its Harpo singing.

The record starts off good with their song from the comp Backstreets of American oi! (this was the first song i ever heard with the band) and then One more beer that is the best song on the record. They deal with a whole lot of different subjects in their lyrics like "toughguy" jocks on Fair odds, anti-healthfood anthem on I like it dead, personal beefs and verbal insults on Marty's song but also more typical Oi! lyrics like the one's heard on Patriot and NJ Oi!. All in all its a great album and i dont know if its a change from vinyl to digital, better studio or the drummer but the sound is more clear now.
This album can still be found at these distros and labels:
Headache records

torsdag 16 september 2010

Lyrics for America by Niblick henbane

The problem with some people out there
They insist that wrong is right
But we still hold on to the dream
Despite our present plight
We must make due
With ends that never meet
Riots in the street

Living life daily like all the rest
America! America!
Even though flawed we're still the best

There are those of us still ready to fight
They will never get our guns
We stand ready to defend ourselfs
Against crime and ruthless scum
It seems that you can't always count on the police
So we all pack a piece

Land of the brave, home of the free
America! America!
Can't take my country away from me

When it comes to truth there's no such thing
As being to direct
But they dont dare speak they're afraid to be
Politically incorrect
They dont think that we don't realize
They're all selling out
It makes me want to shout

Land of the brave, home of the free
America! America!
Can't take my country away from me

Niblick henbane - Land of the brave 7'' (1993)

01. Hoodlum
02. America
03. Life over the edge
04. Henry (Hermans Hermits cover)

Released by Headache records in 1993.

After working like a dog and sacrificing his band for his job Harpo got canned from the job (hahahaha sorry Harpo i know its terrible but come on...). The band really looked for an excuse to replace Brian and Harpo never really had to ask and was yet again the lead vocalist. Joey D is still on drums.

Harpo is back! Damn i love this record (and payed a handsome amount for it to) it is atleast in my top 20 favourite Oi! 7''s. The record starts of with Hoodlum a great track about about an old geezer that has seen his best days but still keeps the flame alive now 17 years after one can say that the track is suitable for the band itself. Second track is a patriotic anthem called America with a middlefinger to everything unamerican. Third and best song is Life over the edge with really good guitarplay and Harpo delivering one of the catchiest choruses ever to see the light from the backstreets of NJ.
Last track isnt really my kind of song but hearing the original i must admit that didnt really have much to build the song on.
A record you should buy if you get the chance.
Only place to get ahold of this record nowdays is through collectors sites.
For 15euro at Rawvinyl

onsdag 15 september 2010

Niblick henbane - What's your deal? 7'' (1991)

01. From you
02. Andy bought a gun
03. What's your deal?
04. Angel (The pretenders cover)

Released by Headache records in 1991.

Around this time Harpo left the band since his work consumed most of his spare time. Instead we here have someone called Brian doing the vocals (i have no clue who this Brian is if anybody knows anything then please leave a comment). Mike no longer plays drums and was replaced by Joey D.

I really miss Harpo on vocals. Its not that Brian is bad or anything but the band just isnt themselfs without him singing. This is probably the weakest album they released in my oppinion. The pretenders cover is well worth a listen and even if i never really liked the original one this one (with new lyrics) kicks ass.
As far as i know this one has been sold out from everywhere for a long long time.

tisdag 14 september 2010

Niblick henbane - NJ Oi! 7'' (1990)

01. We don't want to play
02. Future
03. Danny's song
04. Tallahassee lassie (Freddy Cannon Cover)

Released by Headache records in 1990.

The first official release by the band after two demos released in 1988 (both those demo's where featured on their last record so they will be uploaded later). This release has Mike from The wretched ones on drums and Andy Skovran now plays bass after a year away from the band (under this year Armen from The wretched ones played bass for the band).
This record and the other two 7''s where later released on their 2007 record with old rare songs so this upload is basicly just for discography nerds like me and i guess everyone might enjoy the info i add with the upload.

First song is the best and it is followed by a PopOi! influenced song (reminds me a bit of Cock Sparrer actually) called Future that kind of stands out from how NB usually sounds like. Third track is one of their most known ones but at the same time one of my least favourite ones. Danny's song is sort of a lovesong for broken hearts and im all fine with that but to blend it ith that speedy Oi!.... i dont know.
Last track is a Freddy Cannon cover and even if it aint as good as the golden one it is another one of those covers that actually does something with the original. My dream is still to hear an Oi! cover of this old classic (atleast give it a try next time your band has a rehersal, you even get the backup Oi! chorus served for free in this song. If you add piano to the song to then it will get a sold 10/10 without questions hehe ;)).
This record can only be bought from collectors today. I found one for 35euro at Rawvinyl.

söndag 12 september 2010

Niblick henbane (introduction)

When i think of the punkscene in New Jersey i always think about The wrethed ones, Headwound & Niblick Henbane. Not only did these bands share label and sound they also shared members at different times and most importantly they where friends and shared the same "we will never blow up so fuck all" attitude.
NH started out in early 1987 and like most other Oibands they started out from a mixture off borredom and alcoholic confusion that made them believe they sounded better then they actually did (lets be true the first demo songs by this band are charming but not really fitting for the rocknroll hall of fame).
The founding members where Harpo on vocals and Mike on guitars. They drafted Andy Skovran that already had a bit of fame from playing bass on Pleased youth's 1986 release Dangerous Choo-Choo. Andy brought along a friend called Larry that was the last member in for the first lineup but would become one of the members that stayed with the band 'till the end.
The bandname Niblick Henbane means Poison golfclubs. Niblick=Heavy iron golfclub and Henbane=Foul smelling plant poisonous to small animals and birds. I dont know how they ended up with that name but i remember hearing something about a bandmember seing some caddy on acid or something (who cares).
The bands first appearence was on a Headache records comp called NJ & You that they got on through their first demo called Fuck you get drunk go die. All these early recordings will be uploaded later thanks to Disconnected records that put out a great collection off all their early songs some years ago.
Like most oldfart Oi!bands from USA they didnt grow up on no Tattoed Mother Fuckers or none of that, their main influences where The clash and Blitz but if you ask me they sound nothing like any of those bands (not in a bad way). Unlike their friends in The wretched ones and Headwound this was always more of a skinheadband then a punkband (even if i dont think they wouldnt ever call themselfs a skinheadband) both in their sound, lyrics and "appearence".
Being a working man's band they didnt really do many shows as they got old and grey but stories from their first gigs are many. Their absolutly first gig was them playing in the rain through a generator with only the promotors watching but it didnt take long untill they got themselfs an audience (more then 10 atleast) but thanks to singers puking and passing out and kids setting fire to the concertroom most gigs didnt make it through the first 4 songs. Not all shows where short or bad and they soon established themselfs as one of Americas top skinhead bands by doing notorious gigs at CBGB's and at The pipeline.

This is a hard band to do the discography for since members left, came back, guested, fucked another members girl or did drugs and got kicked etc etc and this resulted in the band having 12 diffrent drummer through the years but i will try to name the important changes in the bandlineup.

tisdag 7 september 2010

Video for L.A.C. by CL1

Probably wont see this on MTV anyime soon but nice to see a punkgroup actually making musicvideos again.

Cl1 performing Drinking class heroes in Toledo

Good performance on their hometurf. Drinking bad, drinking placeeeeboooooo hahaha.

söndag 5 september 2010

CL1 - The bottom of the lake sessions (2008)

01. City girl
02. Drinking class heroes (Full flavor version)
03. Friend or foe
04. Katey
05. L.A.C.
06. My way
07. No piece of mind
08. Stand strong
09. Work hard, die young
10. Wrong side of the track
11. Drinking class heroes (Aucostic version with Larry Love)

A bootleg released by the band in 2008.

These are all songs that where recorded in the summer of 2008 when the band had turned into a 3-piece band with Andy Sutter now playing drums together with Erick and Sam now sharing both guitar, bass and vocal duties.
Does this make an impact on their sound you might ask your self? Deffinetly not. This is the best sounding CL1 i have heard since they started in 2003. Dont get me wrong though this is still more streetpunk then Oi! in my ears but its good music nevertheless.
A damn nice initiative by the band releasing this CD (even if they only sell it from the back of their trunks) and the reason why it existed is that they grew tired of the split with First offence pended for over 2 years and they needed something new to play for the girls at the bar hehe.

The album contains the 5 songs that where on the split released earlier this year and it also contains 6 songs that has never before seen the light of day.
If they sounded like A.P.A. before i would say they have more of a Hudson Falcons sound now and also a bit of a Dropkick Murphy's sound at some points. The most 7'' friendly song on the album is the punkversion of Drinking class heroes that has a hard working class theme and a chorus that can easily be missunderstood (my girl listened to the aucostic verion of this song and thought they where singing We're drinking bad, we're dinking placebo hahaha thats almost worth a placebo-version of the song).
One thing that often pisses me of when it comes to streetpunk is their inabillity to do something new (not that Oi! is the most creative musicform out there) but this band actually tries a whole lot of new stuff. Track 3 is one of those songs where they mix in a bit of hardcore, its not a good song but they have to get points for trying atleast.
Other good tracks are Wrong side of the tracks, Work hard die young and No piece of mind.
Since they released a new album this year my guess is that this isnt the last we have heard from this band. Nice to see Ohio getting into the game.
This bootleg can be bought from the band at their site.
But if you really want to support the band then buy their new album at these stores:
Dim records
Pure impact

lördag 4 september 2010

Video for Drinking class heroes by CL1

This is an acoustic version of the song that was on their split with with First Offence this year. This version features Larry Love (check out his band and solo-project) on aucostic guitar and also singing the last verse. A great song i will upload the unofficial release this song was on after this.

fredag 3 september 2010

Lyrics for Riot in the glass city by CL1

Politicians get paid and we loose jobs. Another day the working man gets robbed
Everyday that's how it goes in the glass city
Wake up man say it ain't so, 20.000+ lost in Ohio
The walls are comming down around the glass city
We lost our faith, lost our souls. Down in the gutter with nothing to live for
Streets are over come with fire in the glass city
Time to take back what we lost, victory is ours no matter what the cost
Boots and bats are ready tonight in the glass city

Riot in the glass city, Riot in the glass city, Riot in the glass city tonight X2
Gonna riot, Gonna riot, Gonna riot in the glass city X4

Feel it comming don another night, better lace up your boots cause we're heading for a fight
Saints and sinners stand side by side in the glass city
Breaking our acks through all these years, day after day blood sweat and tears
This is our way of life in the glass city
We're working class and we're proud & strong, we've been denied for way to long
Gonna rise up and take what's ours the glass city
We were born to work and we were born to fight, we're gonna show this city we're right
Goin off like a bomb tonight in the glass city

Riot in the glass city, Riot in the glass city, Riot in the glass city tonight X2
Gonna riot, Gonna riot, Gonna riot in the glass city X4

CL1 - Riot in the glass city (2007)

01. Detroit woman
02. Don't fall down
03. Here come the boots
04. Rock n' roll
05. White flag
06. Riot in the glass city
07. Yesterday

Released by Roughneck records in 2007.

The bands first propper release and a big step up from their democd. Its the same lineup as before but this time Jenn plays drums on all songs.
I still think some of the tracks are a bit weak but Here come the boots takes the Nr. 1 spot. Dont know what they where thinking when they recorded this song. Drums are weak the lyrics are stupid and its actually physically hard to listen through the song from start to end. The last 3 songs are of a whole different breed though. White flag is a fast battle-anthem and its hard to hear that its the same band playing as the previously mentioned song. Best on the record is Riot in the glass city and its probably also the one with the best lyrics.
I really liked this album even if there only was about 3 good tracks on it. Good punkmusic that somewhat reminds me about A.P.A.
Only way to get this album is to order it directly from the band at their myspace.

onsdag 1 september 2010

CL1 - Life in the 419 Mini-CD (2004)

01. Die on the line
02. One night
03. Are you gonna fight?
04. Everythings alright
05. Livin' my life
06. 419

Self-released by the band in 2004.

This is basicly their first demo released as a minicd.
Not as good and as much Oi! sounding as they where later but still an ok demo.
Out of these 6 early tracks there is basicly only one that is worth mentioning and that song is Livin' my life. Its a fastpaced song with a fuckyou attitude and nice drums.
Basicly just download this and make up your own mind.
Only way to get this record is ordering it straight from the band. You can do so on their myspace.