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torsdag 16 september 2010

Niblick henbane - Land of the brave 7'' (1993)

01. Hoodlum
02. America
03. Life over the edge
04. Henry (Hermans Hermits cover)

Released by Headache records in 1993.

After working like a dog and sacrificing his band for his job Harpo got canned from the job (hahahaha sorry Harpo i know its terrible but come on...). The band really looked for an excuse to replace Brian and Harpo never really had to ask and was yet again the lead vocalist. Joey D is still on drums.

Harpo is back! Damn i love this record (and payed a handsome amount for it to) it is atleast in my top 20 favourite Oi! 7''s. The record starts of with Hoodlum a great track about about an old geezer that has seen his best days but still keeps the flame alive now 17 years after one can say that the track is suitable for the band itself. Second track is a patriotic anthem called America with a middlefinger to everything unamerican. Third and best song is Life over the edge with really good guitarplay and Harpo delivering one of the catchiest choruses ever to see the light from the backstreets of NJ.
Last track isnt really my kind of song but hearing the original i must admit that didnt really have much to build the song on.
A record you should buy if you get the chance.
Only place to get ahold of this record nowdays is through collectors sites.
For 15euro at Rawvinyl

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