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lördag 25 september 2010

Niblick Henbane - ...and we fall (2007)

01. We dont want to play
02. Future
03. Danny's song
04. Tallahassee lassie (Freddy Cannon cover)
05. From you
06. Andy bought a gun
07. Whats your deal?
08. Angel (The pretenders cover)
09. Hoodlum
10. America
11. Life over the edge
12. Henry (Hermans Hermits cover)
13. Fair odds
14. Going down the bar
15. Icy cold
16. First song
17. All you've earned
18. ...and we fall
19. Hippy nightmare
20. Beethoven 88
21. Grief i don't need (Live)
22. Mommy's boy (Live)
23. Public menace (Live)

This extended version was released by Disconnected Records in 2007.

A great collection of the bands early stuff (basicly all you got to have if your not a collector) and even if the label dont release much its always good when they release it (the label also released a simulair record with Almighty Lumberjacks of deaths early stuff and also a great Headstrong release.).

Since i have already uploaded and reviewed half of the content on this record its mostly their demostuff i will review.

Tracks 1-4 are from the NJ Oi! 7'' from 1990.
Tracks 5-8 are from the What's your deal!? 7'' from 1991.
Tracks 9-12 are from the Land of the brave 7'' from 1993.

Track 13 is their first released song and it was featured on Headache Records 1988 compilation called New Jersey and you perfect together that also had New republic and The burnt in their "glory days". Its a cocky battleanthem with the chorus "Twenty of us and fourty of you is fair Oi! Oi!".

Tracks 14-16 are a bit more gritty and dirty and are from way back in 1988 from their demo called Fuck you get drunk go die. This demo has Armen from The wretched ones on bass and it contains 2 songs that i never really unerstood if its Wretcheds or Henbanes songs. The tracks are Going down the bar and First song. Both these songs where played by the bands backin the 80's and then later re-released on both bands fulllengths. Both bands claim the songs as their own so i never really understood who is cover who or if its all in the family.

Track 17 is from a 1991 demo and it has Brian on vocals. The song is basicly the song Roomate but with other lyrics. The (i have no idea how to say this in English) music is the same. Anyway a great song.

Tracks 18-20 is where it really gets ugly. This is from another demo back in 1988 and my guess is its their first one. Its a bit harder then most other things they have done but the quality of the songs puts down any listening pleasure. Looking through the booklet i find the lyrics for Hippy nightmare to be really entertaining but listening to the song i cant really hear anything enjoyable just a tired and probably extremly drunk Harpo sluddering words off hippybashing.

Last 3 song are all livesongs from from 1987. These actually sound better then the demosongs from 1988 and that says pretty much about their recording equipment back in the days.

This is a great record that you should own containing some nerdy bandhistory from both Larry's and Harpo's viewpoints, 3 good EPs and a whole lot of tracks that you cant get anywhere else. The last time i checked they where a 3-piece band with loose members but what i know they are still going strong. Larry now plays in Old towne toughs but i think he is still an active member in Niblick.
As new as this record is its actually already sold out from most stores but they can still be found here so be sure to pick it up:
Disconnected Records
Dim records
TKO Records
Rebellion Shop
Angry young and poor
CD Universe

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