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måndag 29 november 2010

Fully loaded - Skinheads 4-ever 12'' (1996)

01. Crazy world
02. Yearnings in bed
03. Kaos on the run
04. Skinheads forever

This 12'' EP was released by Vulture rock in 1996.

A top band started by some of the elite in the LA scene around 1995. Formed by Adrian on vocals and Mike on drums both original members of the Toughskins. Adding Stan Corona from Bovver wonderland on bass and Bill from The authority! on guitar and you might just figure out for yourself that it sounds pretty fucking awesome. They where featured on some comp albums but finally released this EP in the late 1996 through Vulture rock. because they all where bussy with their respective bands it took 'till 2000 for their next release wish was a superb split CD with the punkband Fully loaded. They where also supposed to have released a split record with Pattons legion in 2005 but no matter where i search and no matter how much money i am willing to pay fr it i just cant find any information about that release anyway. Maybe its just an urban legend what do i know?

A very high qualty on the songs and less "garage" than their later stuff. It has 2 great songs but if you look at their split from 2000 it stands short in comparison. The theme of the album is the same as most other US Oi! from this era. Drinking, fighting and being a cliché skinhead not that its anything wrong with those topics (if it was i probably would be listening to some deep alternative rock about opening mail, staring at the clock and drinking the).
This album can still be bought as a vintage record through Toonorth records for 12$ or directly from Vulture rock for 3$. Though i think they have sold out because i remember seing Vultures account at Sit & spin posting it for 80$.

torsdag 25 november 2010

We dress hard we dress.... hard.

A new clothingstore has now opened with some really nice t-shirts by bands such as Anti-heros, Forced reality, Immoral discipline, Moonstomp, YDL, Youthfull offenders and a couple of random skinheadtees. Dot worry this is none off that "freestuff" bullshit i post just for some bullshit hoodie i get for free like other sites does. Go visit them at www.shopshogun.com I know atleast my bankaccount will jump back a couple of digits when i place my order.

tisdag 23 november 2010

Brassic videos from releaseparty.

Brassic taking a bit of a piss at Business and celebrates Skrewdriver.

Brassic playing their song Warriors.

måndag 22 november 2010

Acoustic songs by Yellow stitches

Following the flower power theme on this site i decided to upload 2 great acoustic songs by Yellow Stitches that JayIRC sent me. The songs are Broken bottles and a great campfire version of their song Tale of a fat fucking retard. This is far away from their sound on the demo and far far away from their sound in their other band Word for word but to be honest i actually prefer this sound the most. Mabe its just me getting soft with the years. The songs are from a compilation by Arrest records. The whole 30+ comp album can be bought from the labels site for only 5 bucks.


lördag 20 november 2010

Armed suspects - This old lonely road (2010)

01. From the cradle to the grave
02. Strugglin' to keep my head up
03. This old lonely road
04. 'Cause im a man (Pretty things cover)
05. Hope i find what im looking for
06. Straight razors & whiskey
07. Who's blood is this on my hands
08. I'll never get out of this world (Hank Williams Sr. cover)

Released by Acoustic Fury in 2010.

One of the members sent me these songs that was on an acoustic split with Ol' Cheeky Bastards in early 2010. This is one of those records that gets released but thanks to lack of promotional intrest by the labels its impossible to get ahold on it except from some fa away distro on the other side of the world. Most people dont even know this record exists wish is sad since its really good.
Keep in mind that this is only Armed suspects side of the split so for the full version go into Acoustic Fury's site and order it (its only 5$).

The first thought with the split was to make a pure Country album mixing Armeds punksound and Cheeky's fastpaced Eerie rocknroll sound but ended up something completly different. Its somewhere between Folkmusic and acoustic punk and even if these 8 songs where created and written in less then a month and then recorded during a 2-day session it has a very high quality both lyricaly and musicaly.

To be honest i disliked Armed suspects when they first came out and i was annoyed with their sound and Dropkick pop tendensies but they surprised me with their latest record in 2007 (old review by me here). Sittig down to listen through these songs i was really worried what i would hear from this band doing an aucostic album but it didnt take more then a quick listen to the first song to make me realize that if any band should do an aucostic album its these guys. The whole theme of the album follows the topic of being scarred and bruised by life in general and both Jay's and DJ's voices fitts the mood perfectly.

Most songs has Jay screaming his hardened whiskeythoat out and then DJ takes over for the chorus and smoothes it out and i really like the way that they complement each other. The best song on the album is This old road and has DJ singing solo wish he pulls of without any problems. Most songs are laid back but both From the cradle to the grave and the Hank Williams cover (actually the only Country song on the whole record haha) raises the tempo without loosing me on the way. It doesnt have to be laid back to be aucostic.

Armed suspects is as i write about to release a split with Broken Heroes (Scotty is a member in both bands) and i will try to throw together an interview to get more details about that release next week.

söndag 14 november 2010

The stouts - Band discography (1997-2000)

01. Stouts (97 Demo)
02. Cowards (97 Demo)
03. Skinheads broke the bar (97 Demo)
04. We just wanna drink (97 Demo)
05. Smash the raves (98 Oi! it's streetpunk comp)
06. Aggro night (98 Oi! it's streetpunk)
07. Dead society (98 Longshot promo sampler)
08. Violence everywhere (98 Rockin' the streets comp)
09. No hope (98 Rockin' the streets comp)
10. Pervert (99 split demo)
11. Violence everywhere (99 split demo)
12. We rule the streets (99 split demo)
13. Land of the free (2007 Southland skinheads armed with the truth)

Released as a "bootleg" by me in 2010.

(Update 7th Jan 2012: One of the old members updated the correct bandinfo and some additional info in the comments section. Be sure to check it out)

One of the best skinhead bands from America that never got even a EP released through the years they where active.
The band is from Orlando, Florida and was formed in 1995 by Darryl Finn on guitar, Chris Hall on bass, Brian "Big G" on vocals and Jeff Morin on drums.
The band started up as a project to bring a scene that they felt that Orlando was lacking. They went in to the studio i 1997 to record their first songs that resulted in a 6-track demo. This demo brought them some fame and even if they never got any record release they got the chance to be featured on 2 international compilation albums in 1998 and also got to do shows with bigger bands like Blanks 77, Inspector 7 and Hepcat.
After this the band broke up just to get back together a couple of months later with some lineup changes. 3 of the original members had just started up a hardcore band called Loyal 2 None and decided to record a split demo with the bands in 1999. This demo was never released but somehow i got my hands on all those tracks except one. After these recordings the band broke up and a third attempt to unite the band around 2000-2001 failed cause of the new PC attitude that was in the scene of Florida around this time and The stouts did not fitt into their frame.

Well since no recordlabel seems to understand how great this band actually was i guess its up to me to make a bootleg album so people that ahvnt heard them can get a chance. I have had these songs for a long time now but i am still missing two songs and thats what has kept me from uploading it. After some years i have given up on ever finding those songs so what the heck lets get these tracks out there.

Tracks 1-4 is from their 1997 demo but all these songs are of the highest quality. The band sounds a lot like Boot Party but also has a lot of influences from the 80's UK scene. Many of the topics are a bit cliché but its all fitting the sound and the bands musical influences also shine through in the lyrics. WEven if most songs are about good old drinking and fighting (Skinheads broke the bar, Stouts, We just wanna drink, Aggro night) they also bring up typical Oi! topics like pedophiles (Pervert) cops (Coward), drugs (Smash the raves) and offcourse national pride (Land of the free).
All songs have a very raw and aggro feeling to them and in 99 when they had a new singer they even got a bit of a RAC feeling to the songs (not the lyrics).
This is a band that never really got the respect they descerved in the scene and i think its a shame so be sure to not miss these great songs.

fredag 12 november 2010

Yellow stitches - Demo (2009)

01. Intro
02. Yellow stitches
03. Wrong place, wrong time
04. Tale of a fat fucking retard
05. Manchester party
06. Where are they now (Cock sparrer cover)

A new band from New Hampshire and just like members of the skincrew Manchester Firm from what i understand. To be honest i know nothing about this band except from what i hear on the demo.

Seing pictures from their concerts and of the people attending those shows beore i heard the demo i was expecting a hardcoreband or atleast some harder punk made for moshing but what i got was a bit softer Oi! perfect for some laidback skanking. Thank you whoever runs the show.
I have always been allergic to the whole wannabe prisonyard NYHC toughguy style that has been a part of the US Oi! scene since day one.

My guess is that even if the band is new the members are not new to the scene. It just sounds to damn good for a first demo. Starting the demo of is the selftitled skinhead anthem and also the best song by the band. Great singalong parts and just like the rest of the demo all members are right on point on all instruments. The band even manages to pull of a good cover of Cock sparrer that might not be as good as the original but damn close.

If you have a friend out there that likes Dropkick Murphys but dont really like any of the god music in the scene then this is a good start in the convertion. Pop friendly but at the same time true Oi!. Hope to hear more from this and soon.

fredag 5 november 2010

Various artists - The only spirit is... Unity! (1993)

01. Ultima thule - Ragnarök (Sweden)
02. Headwound - Shut up
03. Straw dogs - Pride of our eyes (U.K.)
04. Oxblood - Die hards
05. Cannons - Figh & win (Japan)
06. Niblick henbane - Icy cold
07. Plastic gangsters - One law for them COVER (France)
08. Wretched ones - First song
09. Stormwatch - The seventh power
10. Ouka - Firm spirit (Japan)
11. Skinkorps - Pinard song (France)
12. Those unknown - The answer
13. Klasse kriminale - Giovani skins senza una chance (Italy)
14. Growl strike - Stop it (Japan)
15. Rabauken - Holligans (Germany)
16. Dead end boys - A pub with no beer
17. Boisterous - Oi! Oi! havin' a laugh (U.K.)

Released on both vinyl and CD by Dim records in 1993.

Compilation featuring bands mainly from America and Japan (both being my favourite Oi! nations) but also from some other nations.

Starting the record of is the only Swedish band representing our Oi! scene and its....... a vikingrock band!? I know Ultima Thule has a huge following around the world and that they where the founders of vikingrock as it is today but i have never seen the connection with them and the punkscene. While i was growing up as a teen only raggers and mentally disabled kids listened to them and when they didnt they where probably out in their cars hunting young punks to beat up. Anyway i was around when they where really big and going to many different partys with many different people attending them it was quite hard to avoid listening to it. This song featured on the CD is actually one of the few songs i can stand listening to. Still its sad that a viking band is the representants for Swedish Oi!.

The American bands featured n the CD are Headwound, Oxblood, Niblick henbane, Wretched ones, Stormwatch, Those unknown and an old band called Dead end boys (not to be confuced with the still active Oi! band from Baltimore). A good mix of bands and even if none of the songs are exclusive to this release its always nice to hear The seventh power and The answer.

Best song on the whole comp is the German group Rabauken with the song Holligan. Singalong friendly and instrumentally modest (damn its hard to make myself understood in english sometimes) Oi! with a happy feeling to it.

Worst on the CD is the french band Plastic gangsters with their cover of One law for them. Oh i know instead of listening to the superb original track i will listen to these guys that copy the song but at the same time rapes the English language. No.

All in all a fun CD that was better at the time it was released but still stands strong today.
The album can still be bought at:

torsdag 4 november 2010

The homecomming.

The return of Sheer Terror with Templars and Step2Far as backing bands. I know i wouldnt have missed it if it was in Sweden.

måndag 1 november 2010

The steeltown pubsters - Demo (2000)

01. Fence jumper
02. Little world
03. Put on my boots
04. Steeltown pubsters

Selfreleased by the band in 2000.

After a really long break Shawn Leahy popped up as a vocalist in this Pittsburgh based band. Sharing the vocals with Lon Collins and with Mike Smyers on guitar, Tom Ley on bass and Chris Freeze on drums they where around for a short while in the early 00's playing a couple of shows and as far as i know only released this demo.

As much as i like hearing Shawn on something else then those old Immoral Discipline EP's i cant say i like this any much. I dont like taking a dump in the face of bands im just being honest. The demo has only one song that is worth any listening and that song is Put on my boots that has some nice guitar parts but other then that their whole sound just seems confused and childish. The last song takes all prices in awkardly placed singalong parts and sounds more like a bunch of drunken Canadians at a hockeygame.

The closest thing to a musicvideo.

Somewhat of a music video taking livefootage from a gig at Hung Jury in 1987 and adding the studioversion of Whole worlds a battlefield.