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måndag 1 november 2010

The steeltown pubsters - Demo (2000)

01. Fence jumper
02. Little world
03. Put on my boots
04. Steeltown pubsters

Selfreleased by the band in 2000.

After a really long break Shawn Leahy popped up as a vocalist in this Pittsburgh based band. Sharing the vocals with Lon Collins and with Mike Smyers on guitar, Tom Ley on bass and Chris Freeze on drums they where around for a short while in the early 00's playing a couple of shows and as far as i know only released this demo.

As much as i like hearing Shawn on something else then those old Immoral Discipline EP's i cant say i like this any much. I dont like taking a dump in the face of bands im just being honest. The demo has only one song that is worth any listening and that song is Put on my boots that has some nice guitar parts but other then that their whole sound just seems confused and childish. The last song takes all prices in awkardly placed singalong parts and sounds more like a bunch of drunken Canadians at a hockeygame.

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  1. haha, that's based on the Pittsburgh Steelers' chant