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lördag 20 november 2010

Armed suspects - This old lonely road (2010)

01. From the cradle to the grave
02. Strugglin' to keep my head up
03. This old lonely road
04. 'Cause im a man (Pretty things cover)
05. Hope i find what im looking for
06. Straight razors & whiskey
07. Who's blood is this on my hands
08. I'll never get out of this world (Hank Williams Sr. cover)

Released by Acoustic Fury in 2010.

One of the members sent me these songs that was on an acoustic split with Ol' Cheeky Bastards in early 2010. This is one of those records that gets released but thanks to lack of promotional intrest by the labels its impossible to get ahold on it except from some fa away distro on the other side of the world. Most people dont even know this record exists wish is sad since its really good.
Keep in mind that this is only Armed suspects side of the split so for the full version go into Acoustic Fury's site and order it (its only 5$).

The first thought with the split was to make a pure Country album mixing Armeds punksound and Cheeky's fastpaced Eerie rocknroll sound but ended up something completly different. Its somewhere between Folkmusic and acoustic punk and even if these 8 songs where created and written in less then a month and then recorded during a 2-day session it has a very high quality both lyricaly and musicaly.

To be honest i disliked Armed suspects when they first came out and i was annoyed with their sound and Dropkick pop tendensies but they surprised me with their latest record in 2007 (old review by me here). Sittig down to listen through these songs i was really worried what i would hear from this band doing an aucostic album but it didnt take more then a quick listen to the first song to make me realize that if any band should do an aucostic album its these guys. The whole theme of the album follows the topic of being scarred and bruised by life in general and both Jay's and DJ's voices fitts the mood perfectly.

Most songs has Jay screaming his hardened whiskeythoat out and then DJ takes over for the chorus and smoothes it out and i really like the way that they complement each other. The best song on the album is This old road and has DJ singing solo wish he pulls of without any problems. Most songs are laid back but both From the cradle to the grave and the Hank Williams cover (actually the only Country song on the whole record haha) raises the tempo without loosing me on the way. It doesnt have to be laid back to be aucostic.

Armed suspects is as i write about to release a split with Broken Heroes (Scotty is a member in both bands) and i will try to throw together an interview to get more details about that release next week.

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  1. Thanks for this one...or at least this half. Like you said, I didn't even know this had been released. Pretty good stuff.