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onsdag 24 mars 2010

Armed suspects - Time will tell (2007)

01. Intro
02. Reason to believe
03. For the kids
04. Jimmy the saint
05. Hold fast
06. Taking the fall
07. Bedroom song
08. Different way
09. Time will tell
10. Asbury lanes
11. Losing the fight
12. Fighting man
13. Working class thugs
14. Class war
15. Poor mans choice
16. F.I.S.T.
17. Sue me for what
18. The noose
19. Round of shots (bonus track)
20. Little rumours (bonus track)
21. Hopeless (bonus track)
22. Anthem (bonus track)
Released by Kings crown records in 2007.
Now this is more like it. Dont know what happened but they made a 180 in a year. Everything fits perfect on this album (even if that eiree crap is crawling around the corner on most song) and they have really succeded in making hitsongs that sticks in your head. All from the guitarplay on Losing the fight and the singalong friendly choruses on the antiwar anthem Hold fast and Reason to believe i am certain that this band could even go Dropkick big. They show of their great poppunk abilitys in Class war and the antisocial song Bedroom song.
Also added for this record is 4 songs from their 2006 EP Hopeless. These 4 tracks are not of the same quality as the rest of the album but Anthem is an ok skinheadanthem worth checking out.
When i give this album 9 its not for an Oi! album just an album filled with great music. Just skip their first releases and stick to this one album, you will thank me.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I was the drummer on both of these albums. I am glad you like them so much!

  2. any chance this one can be re-uploaded thanks