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måndag 8 mars 2010

The sussed - Sussed out (1995)

01. Toy soldiers
02. Spirit of Oi!
03. No escape
04. Working class reality
05. Everybody is listening now
06. Clockwork solution
07. Arms dalers
08. Rumors
09. Durango
10. FBI
11. A plastic generation
12. Anti-political
13. Somehow
14. No self respect
15. Authority figures
16. Do what's right
17. Pogo song
18. This is our town
19. The system
20. The sussed
21. Sirens and lights

Released by Sta-press records in 1995.

Formed in Pittsburgh back in 1992 and was what i know the first real skinhead band to play in that city. The bandmembers where Dave Harris, Joe Fertitta, Joe Huffman and Jack Robinson.
Being the first real skinband most recordlabels and gig promotors feared them and getting a chance to play their music was getting harder and harder everyday. They finally joined forces with Jeremy and Bohdan (was in bands like Vibram 94, Cut throat and now sings in Antagonizers) from United front and started the label Sta-press records (also released records by Patriot and First strike). The band always had a very British Oi! sound and was acctually quite big (underground), doing shows with many of the big punkbands and appearing on some of the most important compilation albums of that time line (the first Backsteets of American Oi! being one).
The band released a 7'' in 1994 and a demo a few months later but both those releases are featured on this release. They also recorded a LP in 1997 but the band split up before the record could be released (if someone is sitting on the masters of those recordings they know where they could send them).
Dave Harris went on to form the tody classic band The traditionals right after the breakup and even if the band re-united in 2003 i guess The sussed are nothing more then a memory today (a damn great memory though).

Tracks 1-5 are from their 1994 release No escape 7''.
Tracks 6-9 are from their 1994 demo
The rest of the tracks where all recorded in 1995.

The best songs on this album are the ones from their demo. These are a bit harder and Clockwork solution, Arms dealer and Rumors are some real classics in my book.
I wont go on about what tracks are what but let you download this gem and judge for yourself.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ah, the memories. I was at their very first gig in one of the auditorium classrooms at David Lawrence Hall on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. Good times, good times.

  2. Great stuff!!! This is the first time i hear about this band, it's really a shame that they no longer exist.

  3. Could you please reupload it?