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fredag 19 mars 2010

The traditionals - Generation of today (2008)

01. Propaganda games
02. Lost opportunities
03. Not gonna change
04. Out of time
05. Generation of today
06. Lets all get a beer
07. Spirit of Oi!
08. Retaliate
09. Lif of misery
10. Win some, lose some
11. We had a deal
12. Protection
13. Feel alright
14. End up in the pub
15. Running riot (Cock sparrer cover)

Released by Impact records in 2008.

Mainly being an album consisting of new versions of older songs this album brings some new and good tracks to the playlist. Even if the new tracks are not of the same standard as their older ones the new versions of Protectin and Win some lose some and Retaliate being the best ones.
After this release Faulkner left the band and Dave Harris took over the vocals, they are currently working on a new record to be released in late 2010 (lets hope so) and from what i have heard it looks really promising.

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