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söndag 7 mars 2010

The incited - A call to arms (2008)

01. Take hold
02. The anthem of the incited
03. Johnny Robinson
04. Tribute
05. Lessons learned
06. Hard life
07. Armageddon
08. Call to arms
09. Philadelphia

Released by Dim records in 2008.

Band from Delaware that has been around since back in 1998 but still just released 2 albums (basicly just 1 since their first one is featured on their second release). The band consisted of Shaun Rieley on vocals and guitar, Dave Clark on guitar, Jeb Johnson on bass and Brandon Mullen on drums. They got their first release though the almighty Neck records in 2006 in form of a 5-track self-titled minicd (being together for 8 years one would think they could muster up atleast 10 songs). Two years after that they got a deal with Dim records and released this first full-length that consisted of their first album and 4 extra tracks (cheap bastards).
After the release Dave and Brandon left the band but the band is currently in re-grouping with a new drummer (but no lead guitarist).

Comming from the same hometown as Stormwatch i was expecting a bit harder sound but they lean more towards a streetpunk sound.
On some slower tracks (Hard life for instance) they sound a lot like Rancid (and that is in no way good) and on Johnny Robinson they sound like (or copy if you prefer that word) Dropkick Murphys (not possitive in my eyes either). All these bad influences aside they still manage to deliver atleast 2 good tracks (Tribute and Armageddon) but believe me if your into Oi! influenced streetpunk there are better bands out there waiting for your hardearned cash.

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